10 Days of Christmas Giveaway #1 & My Friday Holiday Favorites!

Today is such a great day! Wanna know why.....well first because I get to talk about the holidays and share with you all what my 5 Holiday Faves are! And who doesn't love cozy holiday talk! Secondly, today starts the celebration of one of my closest friends who is getting married, yay for MARRIAGE! And lastly, today also starts the 10 Days of Christmas Giveaway on my blog! And....once again, who doesn't love GIVEAWAYS! First.....linking up with the awesome Cynthia, Mar, & Courtney for the #FridayFive ! fffav-838x1024

So....for my 5 Holiday Faves!!

Let me preface by saying, that I am a huge atmosphere person! When I think of the perfect date, or perfect party, or perfect spa day, it's all about the atmosphere: lighting, candles, music....you get the point! So, most of my faves have to do with that!

1) Scents! I love good holiday scents.....my go-tos are Bath & Body Works Candles....I never buy them full price though, I always wait until they are on sale for 2 for $10! But they are so worth it! They work great! And I love my Scenty's! (Yes my sister & mom are both ROCKIN' Scentsy consultants!) Seriously though, I have 5 Scentsy's in my house, and love them! But I can't live without the nice lighting of my candles too, so I have both!

2) Boots & Leggings & Scarfs OH MY! Duh, Duh, and Duh! The most comfortable and cute outfit ever! I love all three of those!

3) And to go along with my fave outfit for the holidays.....I love nice winter weather.  Sometimes it's nice to have cold weather outside....but mostly, I just love being inside my warm cozy house, with my candles lit, Christmas lights on, hot drink in hand, and seeing the cold haze over the windows, and maybe some ice or snow on the ground!

4) COFFEE! Yep, I have previously announced to you all that I might be addicted! But hey...at least I drink decaf (because I'm nursing, and caffeinated coffee kept my baby up!) Seriously though, I love having a nice hot cup of coffee with me.  It makes my morning perfect! What am I talking about...it makes my afternoons and evenings perfect too!

5) My home decorated for Christmas! I love creating the perfect atmosphere in my home.  I love having the tree decorated, sparkling, and lit. I love having the nativity scene on my mantle and our family stockings dangling below.  That view, and that aroma of a sweet, peaceful, holiday home, is PERFECT!


-My Friday Holiday Faves!


Now to the GOOD STUFF!


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