Friday 5 Fave Workouts 2.04.17

It's the last Friday 5 Fave Workouts!!! I hope you have been taking advantage of these workouts and utilizing the HIIT format to maximize your results in less time! 

Remember, push yourself to the max! And utilize the workouts from the past several weeks that I've shared! Switch them out, and you've got some great workouts to get you started! 

I hear it a lot from women that they go to the gym and don't know what to do..."I feel lost" they say. So they end up back on the treadmill, which can only do so much! Add resistance, add weights, add energy bursts like what you find in these HIIT movements, and you will see results! 

Here's this week's workout, and remember, snag a Kamagon Ball from Hedstrom Fitness for 25% OFF with code: SPHF25 it's good until the last day of February! 

HIIT Workout do these movements over and over for 12 minutes! 

Do these moves with the maximum amount of energy! It's a short workout, but when done the right way (ending fully out of breath, not being able to form a sentence), you will see results and your body burning fat for up to 24 hours after the workout! 

  • Standing Oblique Twists (20 each side)
  • Sumo Squats with overhead press 15
  • Sit ups (30) 
  • Lunge with a press (15 each side)
  • Skater Lunges (15 each side)

Happy Sweating! 


Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Hedstrom Fitness as part of my partnership with Fitapproach through the Sweatpink Ambassador program. All opinions are my own.