Flushed Everything but My Baby's Bum ---First Month of Cloth Diapering

Well we have officially gone through our first month of cloth diapering...and let me just say I've flushed everything but my child down the toilet! (Read about us getting started here.)

So as many cloth diapering mommy's out there have said, you have to find what works for you.  Even for me, having been around my sister cloth diapering, and changing my niece for her, and seeing how things worked, I still had to figure out my own way of diapering. And....along the way we hit a few bumps, but I think it has smoothed out so far, and we are still sporting those super cute, yet OVERSIZED cloth diaper bums around my house!


Let me start by telling you about the poopy diapers....

A lot of people I know don't really do anything with the poop diapers when the baby is only nursing.  Since it is mostly (to be frank) runny poop, they just stick it in with the rest of the diapers and let the washer wash them.  Many people have shared that it is not until the baby starts eating solids that they start either using a disposable liner, or spraying off the diapers, (and some still don't do it then).  For me though, I started diapering with a stash of all brand new, pretty nice diapers.  So I really want to take care of them, and hate the thought of these cute, nice diapers getting nasty. (haha many would laugh at me saying that, considering they are DIAPERS!)

Anyways, so I decided I was going to spray my diapers off from the beginning.  I bought a used, BumGenius Diaper Sprayer on a local CD site.  So I got my husband to hook it up to the toilet right away.  I was so excited to use it and keep our diapers CLEAN! Then on my first try, the water pressure was so heavy it went EVERYWHERE.  I mean poopy water, all over the toilet, the floor, me! It was sick.  We adjusted the water pressure, but then it was too light to actually spray the diaper off.

So....next thing was to get on the CD Facebook page and see how others did it.  There I found out that barely anyone uses a sprayer, and those that do, also use this fancy thing called a Spray Pal, you can see a video of how it works here. It's a pretty good technique, but I'm not quite ready to go to that just yet.  I have trouble seeing where I would store it after using it and getting it all yucky.  I might try it eventually though, but for now, it was on to the next idea.

On the Facebook group, some people suggested the DUNK & SWIRL technique. Have you heard of it? Here's video on how to do the Dunk & Swirl.

So, to get to the part where I start flushing everything down the toilet...I obviously should've watched the dunk & swirl video before trying it.  (and for the record, the dunk & swirl sounds SICK NASTY to most people, and until you are cloth diapering, it might seem like the worst thing to possibly do.  But when you are holding a dirty, poopy diaper, the toilet actually looks extremely clean, and then the Dunk & Swirl actually becomes an option for you.  Plus, not matter what technique you use, it seems that you always touch something you don't want to while cleaning cloth diapers.  I mean it's not gross, you just wash your hands a lot more when you start using them)

Now with that side note out of the way, let me get on with my experience.  So the first diaper I decided to dunk & swirl was a pocket diaper.  Like the one shown in the video.  Basically, this means it has a pocket that you put the thick liner into, which soaks up the pee, etc.  Well in the video she mentioned taking it out first, I didn't do that.  And I only held one side of the diaper.  I wasn't really thinking about the power of the flusher, so I just grabbed a side, leaving the open hole to the pocket on the side facing the flush.  So when I went to flush and dunk my diaper, before I knew it, a thick, cotton liner was being pulled out of my diaper and into the toilet! I sat there shocked....not knowing what to do, but pretty sure I just screwed up our toilet.

I ran outside to get my husband, telling him I think I messed something up.  He came in, checked it out, and told me to wait a while to use it.  Later though, he just decided we would keep using the toilet because it seemed to be fine.  Now I wouldn't recommend flushing your liners, but I am happy to say that so far we have been safe from having to call a plumber, and we haven't had trouble....although I am down a liner!

Needless to say, I thought this Cloth Diapering experience was worth sharing, and I'm sure there will be many more stories to come, because let's face it when you are dealing with Poop, crazy things happen!

So ending our first month of cloth diapering, I will say, the downfall to CDing is that my son grows out of his clothes quicker than normal because of the extra cushion it adds to his bum.  On the positive note, we are still SAVING MONEY!


More to come in the future about my experience.  I can't wait to share with y'all the MAGIC of Cloth Diapering!

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