Flower Boxes from Scrap Wood

So if you saw my post about our Wooden Patio Box made from scrap wood taken from an old fence, you noticed that we had a lot of wood, so my husband is continuing to be creative and decided to make some fun flower boxes.  
We got the idea and the flowers from our friends! I know flowers can be expensive...but get this! If you go to places, (especially Home Depot) at night, they will fill shopping carts full of flowers that don't meet their floor standards. They then sale full carts of plants for great discount prices.  Our friends bought a cart full for only $15.  They were able to plant about 4 full size planter boxes, plus probably 10 pots of flowers, and gave us about 3 crates full of flowers! What a great deal and sweet for us that our friends just gave us the leftovers.  
Anyways, I have laid out some simple instructions for you to plant a different kind of flower box. I had never heard of this before, but basically you use a plastic netting and newspaper.  Then you plant on top of the newspaper.  Eventually the roots will  hold the soil together, and the newspaper will disintegrate and the flowers will be able to drain and breathe well! 

Here you go! 

Here is the Outcome! Pretty great huh! 
We are hoping to hang our boxes in our backyard, but it was night time when we finished, and we just stuck them in the front of our house to get sunlight until we hang them. 

The smaller box we made is actually going to be a Mother's Day Gift for my mother-in-law.  So I used some paint and made it pretty cute! Later I went back and sanded parts to make it a little more ruffed up, but I didn't take a photo afterwards.

They turned out pretty cute, and only took a little while to make. (Well the building of the box took a little longer, but my husband did those)

The same night I also used some of the plants in these different planters.  I had the old clay pot, then the jar was from some pickles I finished off.  The coffee mug is one I made when I took ceramics class. Haha it's a little lopsided so I decided a flower pot would be the best use of it! Turned out pretty cute! And the spool we got from a garage sale.  I thought it was fun and cheap to find things to use around my house for planting the flowers, and I really like the outcome.  

What do you think about this look for displaying flowers?

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