How do you FIT in Fitness!?

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Fitting fitness into our lives can be very challenging.  Especially when we live such busy lives, and what I have learned since becoming a mom, is our lives just get busier, and Fitness gets harder to prioritize.

For example:


I used to do most of my running in the evening or whenever I felt like it, not much planning beforehand....well now with a baby, I have to plan if I do night time workouts and coordinate with my husband's schedule to watch the baby.

In general, my workouts were always late at night, 8PM or later usually....well that's right at my son's bedtime, so that obviously doesn't work anymore....and getting the early morning workout routine down is HARD!

My husband and I used to go to the gym together (late at night)....For us to be able to workout together or at the same time again, we have to pay MORE MONEY and go to a gym that provides/offers childcare.

So obviously you see, it's even harder to FIT in fitness into my schedule since becoming a mom.

So, how do I FIT in Fitness into my life!?!?

This question for me can be summed up into one quote.


And this is something I constantly have to remind myself!

Here's a few ways I can break this down in my lifestyle and the way I live, to make sure I'm making being FIT part of me, instead of a final goal or destination.

1) My Family

If you have been around my blog much at all, you know that the drive behind blogging is all about creating a healthy and active family lifestyle, and wanting to motivate YOU to do the same! It is so important to me to make healthy choices for my families sake.

Along with that, getting out and doing active things as a family is so important to me, and something that I think really helps keep Fit as part of who we are as a family. With my immediate family, (My husband, son, and me), we do things like go walking together, run 5K's together, go hiking or exploring outside, bike riding, and more.  Plus, when we plan trips or vacations, we like to look for active, outdoors things that we can do, and this year that even extended outside of just my little family, into a large family vacation we took with Aunts, Uncles, etc. You can read about how we got active as a family HERE.

2) Food

Food has always been a challenge for me.  I have been a picky eater most of my life, but I am really learning to eat healthier, and enjoying it! Plus I have been adding more and more to my menu these days, and I am so proud of that!

Basically, for me, I have found what works! I have breakfast and lunch foods that I love and that are good for me.  Plus LOTS of healthy snacks on my list of go-to's, and I pretty much stick with those! There are several posts recently where I talk about this, but I think it is fine to keep what you eat basic, if it's something you love! And to me, being able to find good foods that I love makes it so easy for me.  I am not striving to stick with a diet or calorie counting, just eating whole foods at their most natural state, and for me having healthy snacks to run to is so important.  And when we do go eat out, I just try to be more aware of what I'm choosing.

3) My Friends

With friends, I have found that I am most successful at keeping fitness a priority when I have friends that I can work out with! Plus it is so fun to get your sweat on together, then enjoy a nice smoothie together as you chat!

So if you don't work out with your friends...invite them to join you next time you go get sweaty!

4) What I Love to Do

Plus for me, in the most recent part of my life, since I have started teaching Yoga, fitting in fitness is part of what I do on a daily basis.  Plus, not only do I go teach my own classes, but it is important for me to workout with other instructors and in other ways as well, so fitness HAS TO FIT INTO MY LIFE.  But, it has become something I love to do! And even on days when I don't feel like it, having the above things in place, a family that is fit with you, eating well, and friends that workout with other those things can usually motivate you on days when you are struggling to find motivation from within!

So if fitness for you has a goal or destination attached to it...CHANGE IT! Make it a LIFESTYLE, not just something to achieve! 

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