First Post Baby Half Marathon-Race Recap

Well...I DID IT!  I ran another half marathon! 

My last half marathon to run was in 2013, February. I planned to run another in the Fall of that year, but after miscarrying and then getting pregnant again I decided I didn't need to push my body. So here I am almost exactly a year after giving birth to my son, and I did it! I trained and ran another 13.1 miles....And my husband did it with me! 

Recap of my first half marathon after having my son! @brittanysuell

Oh, and I am happy to say that I ran it in 2hr 30min and 41sec. I am so proud of this! 

Honestly when I run, it's not about the time. Well not usually. 

Running did not come natural to me, so it is a success just to achieve such a long distance. So I know I am slower, and I am okay with that. 

This time though with my husband running, and caring about his time, he would ask me what my goal time was. At first I said...I don't have one! haha Then I decided to challenge myself. My first half marathon in 2012 I ran in 2hr 49min. So this time I decided 2hr 30min was a good goal time. And even though I was slightly over that in seconds, to me, that was a SUCCESS! 

Recap of my first half marathon after having my son! @brittanysuell 

Throughout the first half of the race I felt mostly good. I mean my knee was irritating me pretty much the entire race, and I continually was just praying healing over it and not giving the pain any attention. I stayed right behind (about 25 feet) the 2:30 pacer, and I liked that. It was the first time I had been close to a pacer during a race, and it motivated me to keep a steady pace, which I did and I was proud of that. 

There were several hills in the beginning, which I was thankful we took a different route the 2nd half of the race so we didn't have to do hills once my legs got really tired. It seems like every race for me, mile 8 is where it gets hard. Even though in my training runs I ran several 9, 10, and 11milers, mile 8 was still where it got tough. That's where I began to slow down some in my pace as well. 

I stopped at mile 9 to grab water (stopped meaning long enough to get to the water table and keep going). And at just about every table after that I grabbed water. It was at this point too that I finally stopped having to go to the bathroom. Oh, did I mention I contemplated stopping at literally every porta potty in the race from the start. I told y'all in my last post about pre-race thoughts, how I always felt the need to go to the bathroom...well I did! BUT, I would never let myself stop because I was keeping such a good pace, and there was always a line. At mile 9 though the urge to "go" seemed to subside. It was also at this time that I stopped feeling my knee hurt, because my legs from the hips down were aching! hahaha So, not sure which was better! 

My husband met me about a quarter of a mile left, and ran through with me! 

Recap of my first half marathon after having my son! @brittanysuell 

It felt good to cross that finish line again! Man, the feeling of pride and accomplishment you get when you finish a race, it's amazing! 

Recap of my first half marathon after having my son! @brittanysuell

I loved having our mom's there with us! They watched Zander while we ran, and celebrated with us when we finished! They were definitely proud mommas! 

Recap of my first half marathon after having my son! @brittanysuell Recap of my first half marathon after having my son! @brittanysuell

Zander liked the medals! 

After we were finished, we enjoyed some post race snacks, took lots of celebratory photos, then got out of our yucky clothes! Thanks to Shower Pill, we were able to clean up and change clothes in the parking lot. (yep, we must be "real runners" to change in the parking lot). Then we headed out for a stink free day in Dallas, full of Mexican food, Pedicures with wine, and my husband got to celebrate at the coveted wood store that is only in the Metroplex! It was a good day! 

Post race clean up with Showerpill! Post race clean up with Showerpill!

[bctt tweet="Finished an awesome first race post baby, and enjoyed a day out after using @showerpill to freshen up! #runchat #sweatpink #racerecap"]

It was definitely a day to remember for us! And I know we will be running more half marathons together! Well maybe not a ton more, but I think I'll be able to talk him into running with me in the Fall during the Race Texas Series! For me, I will definitely continue adding more medals to my race accomplishments! 

So this week, I am celebrating the fact that 361 days after having a baby, I ran a half marathon! For me, that is awesome, and definitely a way to Leave a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZANDER! Join me on Thursday, his actual birthday, as I share my awesome birth story with you guys! 

Celebrating one year after having a baby by running a half marathon!

 What's something you have done that gives you a huge feeling of accomplishment? 

@brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!