Firecracker 4 Miler! First Race Since Baby!

Happy 4th of July!!

Today I ran in my first race since having the baby....actually my first race since a 5K I did in Thanksgiving.  I knew even before I had the baby that I wanted to run a race for July 4th, as my first one after starting back up running.

When I found out my town was having a Firecracker 4 Miler I was so excited, because it wasn't just a 5K! I have only ever run 5K's and 1/2 marathons.  I have been wanting to do a 10K, but haven't found one! I hope to do one early Fall or late Summer though.


Anyways, here's my flat Brittany racer! (that's a thing now right...showing off your running outfit and calling it "Flat You"!) Anyways, I wore my Coeur shorts, and a flag shirt I made 2 years ago! I also wore my blue sparkly headband, used my Spi Belt for my phone, and wore my FitBit to track my steps! And of course I wore my new Brooks running shoes, and my new fav. shoelaces, Lock Laces!


 Leading up to the run I had only ran up to 3 miles.  I had intended to run 3.5 this week, but never got the chance to, since I was finishing up my last 2 days as a full-time worker before coming a Stay at Home Mom, then it rained, and I was teaching Yoga several nights.

So the most I had run was 3 miles.  But today was a 4Miler! Honestly I thought the hardest part would be getting up so early to run, (I run in the evenings normally), but I guess this mom thing is helping me get up better, because I felt great, a very awake this morning! Anyways, I felt good through the race, ran with my son and the stroller, so that added some weight, but it wasn't until mile 4 that it was hard.  It didn't help that my app told me I was done before the finish line....and when I crossed the line, my Nike+ app read 4.5miles! So mentally it was hard to keep going after it said I finished 4 miles.  I feel great now though, and it feels great to already have that run done! And now I will continue with 4 miles in my training runs, and keep adding from there in the coming weeks!


This is fun to see, it's me back in November for the Turkey Trot that I ran when I was about 4 months pregnant, and then me today with my new running buddy, at 2.5 months post baby!


I am excited to feel like I am back in the game of running, and excited to continue training and maybe get a 10K under my belt, then make it up to start doing some bigger races this fall! I haven't found the half that I'm going to do, but I know that it is in my future.

Also, for all you locals, join me for some 4th of July weekend Yoga tomorrow morning at 9:15AM at Fairway Oaks Country Club! It's only $5, or FREE if you have a membership!


& if you ran the Firecracker 4 Miler in Abilene today, remember you can take your bib into our new local running store, Abilene Running Co. and get 10% OFF!! or join me on Tuesday at their Grand Opening Celebration (4:30PM) & you get 10% OFF that day too! Hope to see you there! little signautres