Friday Five Faves for the Fall!

Who doesn't love the Fall season! There are so many things to love! 

It starts in October, it's gorgeous outside and feels amazing, there's lot of yummy hot drinks, and pumpkin everything, oh, and it's my birthday lot's of things to be loving this time of year! 

1) Wireless Headphones-

I recently shared how much my wireless headphones have changed my life. Seriously I am a multi-task master because of these things! Plus, working out with them is great too! Simply put, they make my life easier, and better! Plus the company, Aftershokz is giving back part of the commission of each pink set of headphones that are sold to support Breast Cancer Awareness! Join in the fun and raise awareness on Instagram this month with the #AwareWithPink #BCA campaign! 

2) Prana-

I LIVE in my PRANA clothes! Whether it's my cute new #FallPranaStyle pants and sweater, or the most colorful and fun leggings possible, I pretty much stay in some type of Prana gear! It's fun, comfortable, and made with incredible quality! 

 My husband and I at a COMBAT BREAST CANCER class wearing my  Prana  leggings!

My husband and I at a COMBAT BREAST CANCER class wearing my Prana leggings!

This month only use code: PFS16BSBS at checkout to get 15% off at Prana! 

3) BCAA's

I love to include BCAA's in my workouts. BCAA's are Branch-Chain Amino Acids and make up 35% of the muscle mass, and carry oxygen through the body and help with muscle growth, development and repair after workout! 

I love using the MomSanity BCAA's, and this month they are $5OFF with code: 5OFFBCAA

4) Cookbook

Because DUH! As many of you know, I have been working HARD on my cookbook, and this week was the presale LAUNCH! The launch went amazing as I celebrated my 29th birthday! But don't worry, if you haven't gotten yours yet, you can still grab it + get the bundle with the t-shirt/tank for the BEST PRICE! 

It makes the best Christmas present, plus let's get this book in as many kitchens as possible, and help more people start their Sugar Free Lifestyle! 

And, did I mention it is not only a Cookbook, but will also include my story, and some of my favorite lifestyle tips! GET YOUR ORDERED

5) Helping People! 

Helping and inspiring others to be the best version of themselves! My goal in life is to help others realize their potential, to dream big, and to take risks to make those dreams a reality! That is one of the big things that inspired the shirt I have launched with my cookbook. 

It says, "YOU WERE MADE FOR MORE!" and I truly believe that. 

As we round out the end of 2016, I want to walk into every experience and every new decision with the goal of inspiring others to BE MORE! Let's do this together! Feel empowered and know that no matter where you are in life, there are others around you that are inspired by what you do! You have the opportunity to make a difference in others, so let's do it together!


What are some of your favorite things about Fall?