Fake It 'Til You Make It! + A Giveaway


Fake it 'til youmake it....find out how faking it is a good thing! From @brittanysuell Hm.....not sure what you think about that phrase?? 

Ya I wasn't either when I first read it in the book, The Skinny Confidential written by Lauryn Evarts. 

My first thought was...."Nope, I don't agree with this girl." 

I mean aren't we supposed to be REAL: during the good, the bad, and the ugly. That's when people relate to us the most, right!?? People love it when we are vulnerable and real, even when things aren't all sunshine and daisies. 

What I learned when I read this chapter of her book though was very good, and actually something I whole heartedly agree with. 

Basically it comes down to this....when you walk around saying you can't do something, or you aren't good at something, you are giving that "something" power over you. So instead of allowing that "something" to hover over you as something you can't do, why not just do it, even if you aren't good at it or really don't enjoy it. Then as you begrudgingly do the "something," you will find yourself getting better at it and probably growing more accustomed to it. 

Practice makes perfect right! 

Here are two practical examples:

#1--"I can't do yoga, I'm not flexible!" How about instead of saying that, you start practicing yoga every day. Even if you feel like you aren't good at it. Over time, as you are 'faking that you are good at it, by doing it,' (which is what Lauryn suggests), you will find yourself getting good at Yoga, and as you practice, you will get more flexible! BOOM! Fake it til you Make it in full effect! 

#2--"Ew I do not like vegetables, I am a picky eater." (Hello, I said this so much in my lifetime, and I was just agreeing with my confused tastebuds and making them think that I didn't like vegetables) So instead of speaking all the negativity and giving power to the words, I'm going to just start trying vegetables. Over and over again, eat a little at a time, until I teach my taste buds that they are good! DONE! I'm a vegetable eater! 

I love this idea, because as a person, (and a yoga instructor), I realize how much power words have over people. I literally just chatted about this with friends, and read it in a book, but when we speak negative things over ourselves, our children, or anyone....over and over again, then we start to believe it and it becomes real in our life! So, let's do the opposite here! 

See, "FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT" makes so much sense now! 


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The Skinny Confidential Book Review & Giveaway! Fake it 'til youmake it....find out how faking it is a good thing! From @brittanysuell

One thing I love about "The Skinny Confidential," is that you feel like you know the author Lauryn Evarts while reading it. It almost seems as though you should be sitting across from her at a local coffee shop chatting about all the lady goods: body image, working out, eating well, hair-dos, and makeup! 

And the book is basically that! Just like a good coffee date full of all things a confident woman is concerned with! 

The subtitle on the cover of the book says it all, (in her own spunky personality tone of course)....

"A Babe's Sexy, Sassy Fitness & Lifestyle Guide"

So if you are ready for a good read, or maybe you need to "Fake it 'til you make in" in order to start reading, and enjoy it, then ENTER TO WIN this sassy book below! 

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