Eyes for Eternity

I fell like lately the LORD has been giving me eternal eyes!!

What do I mean by that you ask??
He has been showing me the cost of living and leading for HIM! At that cost seems to be my life! Like the Bible says...

"For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain."
And well he is teaching me the truth in that! And in teaching me that....HE is showing me that even if I give my life up to HIM, when I submit it all...If HE calls me far away, it is all okay! Because even though the biggest fear in me is leaving my family and being away from them and missing their life here, the LORD promises eternal life! Which means I will get to spend eternity with all of the people that the LORD has blessed me with! I will get to rejoice and party with them FOREVER!! So there is no need to fret over the life that I am giving up to the LORD here and now!! Because I have FOREVER ha ha and my reward is INTIMACY WITH JESUS!!
Heck ya! HE is good...
Now though, as I try and write my research paper I think...if I have been given "Eyes for Eternity," then what fruits does continuing school and getting another degree have! So that is my prayer tonight...for the Lord to show me my purpose here at HSU in graduate school...ugh!