The No Excuse Workout!


Being in Florida makes working out outdoors, with no gym, and no equipment so much easier, plus extremely enjoyable! Each morning here, my mom and I have dropped my nephew at school, then we drive to the bottom of a 1 mile hill bridge that is frequented by runners, walkers, and cyclists. Once there, we are load the double stroller with my son and niece, and we set out on our steady jog/walk up the hill to the top of the bridge then down to the other and, and back. And when I say hill, I'm telling you it's a steady increase in the uphill, and it's not easy to run, with or without the double stroller.  That in itself has been a literal bootie-burner, but once finished with about a 3mile run, we decided to add a little more to our workout.

I love taking the environment that you are in, and using it to create awesome calorie busting workouts! I know sometimes, especially in the winter, my mind can get less-imaginative, and I forget all that I am capable of doing inside, or outside, without any equipment. BUT, there are lots of workouts you can do, no matter where you are, and even more alternatives when you look around and use the environment you are in as props!

The workouts we added to our runs, are easy workouts that anyone can do, no matter where you are, with limited space, and NO GYM EQUIPMENT....but I will say, the nice Florida view makes it so much better!


Do this workout in your living room, backyard, or at a park with friends.

You can basically do it anywhere....duh, that's why it's the NO EXCUSES WORKOUT!

Start the workout by getting MOVING somehow! If you are outside, I would suggest taking a run, (you choose the distance and speed), or find some stairs to go up-and-down.  If you are inside then do some jumping jacks.  Just something to get your heart rate up and heat built up in your body!

3sets-Leg workouts x20-Arms x10

No Excuses Workout by @NFSisters #NoExcuses

NO Excuses Workout with @NFSisters #NoExcuses


mountain climbers

No excuses workout with @NFSisters #noexcuses

No excuses workout with @NFSisters #noexcuses

Then end your workout by taking a fun selfie or workout pic and tagging me @NFSisters and use the hashtags #NoExcuses #LeaveYourLegacy

No Excuses Workout with @NFSisters #NoExcuses

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