Easy Spring Mantle Tips

Hello Everyone! I am so excited to be here at Newly Weds on a Budget guest posting today.  I just love this blog, and all of Kari's creative and budget friendly ideas. I feel like Kari and I have such a big connection because I am in such a similar state of life as she is.  
I am young, married, a graduate student in college, and learning to maintain my life well while living on a budget.  I recently moved out of student married housing too Kari, so I know you are excited! Thanks for letting me guest post while you are busy preparing for the Big Move! 
A little bit about the Natural-Nesters:
 We are two sisters that love family, taking care of our homes, kids projects, DIY projects, cooking, and more. We live states apart, but we share life together through our blog! 
Now....I want to share some tips on how to create fun seasonal mantle decor, while not having to go out and spend a ton of money on new decorations.  As I flip through Pinterest and other blogs, I see so many cute mantle ideas, and since I FINALLY have my own mantle I want to keep it cute and seasonal! 

So I have come up with some great items to use throughout each holiday that will flow with what I am decorating for.  

First, one tip I give people who are planning a wedding is to buy decorations that you can use in your home.  So many of the decorations in my house are from my wedding, and I love that because I am constantly reminded of those little details from our special day! One thing I have a lot of are these fun glass containers that I used for a chocolate bar at my wedding.  I use these all over the house, from party tables, to candle holders, to mantle decorations. 

In October at my house I put fake moss and a candle in the glass containers as decoration for my mantle. Check that out on my Fall 2011 post or look at my Halloween Party post to see how I used these glass pieces on the food table. They are very versatile and can be used in numerous ways.  Although you may not have these exact kinds of glassware at your house, begin to look around and see what sort of containers you have available to use in your home, and get creative!  

My second tip, along with using fun containers from around my house, I also look for random pieces of "trash" that I could paint something on.  On my Spring Mantle I chose to use a random piece of a log that my husband picked up in a brush pile.  It was a fun addition and I just painted a bird on it.  At other times I have painted wine bottles in various colors to match the season, (I always keep my wine bottles). Or I look for other things that I have like old tiles or clipboards that I can decorate.  

I think the biggest thing you have to learn is that you can use so many items that you already have by just rearranging other shelves or by saving things that would normally be trash.   You don't have to have lots of new decorations when each holiday or time of year rolls around to get a Pinterest style mantle, just use what you already have! 

The last tip I have is a little tutorial on how to make a fun poof ball out of tissue paper.  As you have noticed these are very popular around, and can be used for so many different things.  So I finally decided to make some to stuff in and on top of one of my glass pieces.  I really like the way it turned out, and it is super simple.  

Follow these quick directions: 
1-First you lay several pieces of tissue paper on top of one another.  (I used about 3 pieces for the small ball and about 6 for the large)
2-You cut those in half on the long end and lay stack them all up. 
3- Then on the short sides you begin folding the tissue paper up in an accordion style until it is all folded up. 
4-You then tie a piece of ribbon around the middle of it. 
5-After it is tightly secured take your scissors and at each end cut the tips off in a rounded pattern. (You can see how this would look after it is cute in the picture)

6-Then begin flaring out each piece of paper one by one on each side. You will notice it beginning to take form. 
7-Finally, you have a cute little poof ball! You can then hang it by the string, or like I did toss it in a cute container! 

I hope these tips have been some help to you, and that they will really get your mind thinking creatively on how you can use what you already have to make your own decorations around your house! 

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-Natural Nesters