Easy All-Natural Fruit Roll Up Recipe

This weekend we went on our first road trip as a family of 3.  We drove 51/2 hours to go to from West, to East Texas to go visit our family. On Saturday we went with my aunt, uncle, grandmother, parents, & nieces to a local orchard to go pick strawberries! I was so excited about this! I have always wanted to go pick fresh fruit! I only like some vegetables, but I LOVE FRUIT!


We got there and they had tons of yummy fruits & veggies for sale.  Some that they grew themselves and some that they bought locally and sold at their orchard.  We started the morning by sampling a lot of fruits....which was a great breakfast! We tried some delicious strawberries, cantaloupe & I got a new found love for peaches!


Then we grabbed some baskets and went and picked strawberries.  It was raining on us, but it was so fun!

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Anyways, we had to drive 51/2 hours back with my 5-6lbs of strawberries, so by the time I got home, a good amount were a tad smooshed. So I decided to make some easy, all-natural fruit rolls ups with them!

These fruit roll ups are a great snack for any age! Perfect for kids, and not processed and filled with sugar like store bought fruit roll ups, or good fuel for a workout/run for an adult.

Here's how I did it:

-I filled my blender with strawberries

-I also added a smooshed peach, an apple, and some carrots

-puree the fruit (it worked great in my blender, I didn't use a food processor)

-Add a 1/4 cup of honey

*If you have some flavorless or fruit flavored protein powder, I would suggest adding that as well.  I meant to and then forgot.  I think that would add a lot of goodness to them especially if you want to use them as a fueling snack!

-Put your oven to 170 or as low as it will go

-Put parchment paper down and spread mixture out in a thin even layer

-Bake for 2-3 hours or until fruit roll up is still a tad sticky, but doesn't come off on your fingers

You can cut them with a pizza cutter, and keep roll them with the parchment paper, or I have cut strips and rolled the roll up within itself, and separate from the parchment paper.  And then you have these yummy, all natural snacks!