Easter is My Favorite Holiday!!

I have always LOVED Easter!!

Here's few things I love about it: 

-The wonderful, bright Easter colors


-Easter candy, specifically: Egg Whoppers, Starburst Jelly Beans, & Duck-Chick-Bunny Sweet tarts

-The excitement that you get when you are searching through freshly mowed grass looking for eggs and prizes

-Dying Easter Eggs

-Yummy boiled eggs

-Coloring Easter Egg photos, and making your own fun designs

-Getting a new Easter outfit for church

-Passover meals

-The true meaning behind Easter

-Cheesy Easter sayings, EX: "HOPPY EASTER!"

-Easter decorations

Needless to say, I LOVE Easter!! I always have, and always will!

So...since Easter is My Favorite Holiday!! I wanted to share with you a wonderful Easter Sale happening at my Naturally Nifty Boutique!

 etsy shop

These Bird Nest Necklaces, Rings, & Sets are such a great gift to put inside an Easter basket, or just as a sweet gift for your mother, daughter, sister or friend!!

So from now until Easter Sunday they are all on sale! Just use the Coupon Code EASTER13 to get the sale price!

Easter Sale



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