Doing It

I spent last week focuses on ME! I spent pretty much all the time off the internet and invested myself more into my kids and husband. By the end of the week I felt mentally refreshed and eager to carry on. A week ago I felt so boggled down on the inside that I knew something had to give! I am actually not even sure what I really felt! :) You couldn't tell on the outside... but I felt it.

I almost felt this pressure to keep up with so many people in regards to their journey of changing their body... and I wasn't keeping up. I went to bed last night proud of how hard I worked  last week... even if it wasn't as hard as I worked the week prior. Last week I didn't workout at all, other than a walk with my kids.... But I ate well. This week I am ready to get those workouts back in! And excited!

This week I have some set goals for Monday-Friday!

1. Workout Daily!

2. Go for a Run Daily!

3. Eat CLEAN!!!

I am excited for the week and what it has to offer. In less than 30 days I will be turning 30. I won't be at my goal weight or place where I want to be by then, but by george, I will feel good about the changes that are being made inside of me.

Yesterdays sermon really hit me in a few areas... and realizing that my soul is the most important aspect of my body and too often I am focused on my outward. Though I do need to focus on it and get healthy, it should not be my prime focus! Granted, his sermon was not speaking about that really, but that is how I took it in some ways!

So, if you are a Stay At Home Mom... what ways do you ensure that you are staying healthy and fit? What do you do to get workouts in? How do you ensure you do not snack on your kids goldfish? Any tips you can share with us?