Do you wash your fruits and veggies?

We had so much fun with our Birthday Celebration Giveaway! I am so excited to see who wins!! Thank you all for helping us celebrate our birthdays! 
I was just having a discussion with someone the other day about whether they wash their fruits and veggies or not. It is interesting to me how many people do not... So while I was getting ready to make some green smoothies I thought I would share the before, after, and during pictures of my spinach with might make you rethink if you don't wash your fruits and veggies.
Above you can see what I started with. This is my spinach after I put water in it.. It doesn't look too bad, right?

This was the sink AFTER I dumped the water out. Again, it may not seem like a big deal at all.. but this is the dirt that is on our foods that we are eating. This was after rinsing it FOUR times. I got caught up in something else and forgot to take pictures the first time.. I surely do hate when my brain does that!

This picture is when I drained it the 2nd time. Tell me you see how dirty that water is? Doing this little experiement reminded me how important it is to wash the foods that I am putting in my mouth and my families mouths. There is no telling what kinds of bugs we consume on those foods. Just saying.
So my question for you, READERS, do you wash your produce? I know some people actually use cleaners while washing their produce. I would LOVE to hear your experience and what you use... Please do share!
-Big Sis