DIY Farmhouse Table

So late last summer Home Depot so generously sent me a $100 Project Gift Card after seeing my Drab to Fab Headboard Makeover Post & my DIY Starburst Mirror post.  They told me to use it on future projects, and since we were right smack dab in the middle of packing our house up to move, it was perfect timing to look towards future projects.

Obviously since moving we have done many projects, including a full kitchen remodel, but we wanted to save the project gift card for something special.  So, my husband and I saved it to be used on the DIY Farmhouse Table that he built for our dining room!

We have never had a large, family size dining room table.  When we first got married we lived in a tiny campus house, so we bought a small round table that sat four, but in our first house we only kept out two chairs because we didn't have room for all four.  Anyways, in our new house we put the leaf in the table, so it was a tad bit bigger, but still not a real dining room table.

I was thrilled when we had the idea to build this table.  We found the idea on Restoration Hardware, when we found a table that we liked, but it was WAY outside of our price range. So obviously we weren't going to buy that table....instead we decided to build our own. My husband found the plans, and we got to work! Here is the outcome in comparison to the one at Restoration Hardware.

restoration hardware

The best part about this table is that the wood used on the top came from the wall that we tore out in our kitchen.  The walls of our house are all shiplap.  The house was built in 1929, so this wood is old.  I love that our table has this unique quality, and is essentially 80 years old.

We don't have chairs for the table yet.  My husband has built this bench, but still has to finish it.

We have talked about putting benches on both sides and then buying nice, fancy upholstered chairs for the heads of the table.  BUT...I got the idea recently to do only one bench, the upholstered chairs, and then look for some CHEAP chairs from a garage sale to put on the opposite side of the bench.  So, we will be heading out this Saturday to look at garage sales for chairs!

What do you think about our table?!!?












We love the way our table turned out and seeing it in our new dining room! Thank you so much Home Depot for the Project Gift Card that made this possible! little signautres