DIY Body Detox Wrap

So....on Thursday I went to an essential oils party.  My friend has had several of these that they call "Make & Take" parties.  They are always so fun, you make things using essential oils, and take them home to use them.  I have done massage oil, cleaning supplies, and now a body detox wrap. Now before I explain this, let me just say, I am not selling essential oils, I am not even a devoted user of essential oils.  I do really enjoy them and think that they work, and I might would become a religious user of these oils, IF I had the money to initially invest in them.  I am saving up, and hoping to get some soon.  I definitely love the option of using these natural oils as home remedies rather than chemicals, or medicines, especially with my new born.  Plus I have heard great success stories.

Anyways though, let's get to the fun part!

So we got to the party and the first thing we did was measure our waist.  We measured at the belly button, 2 inches above and below it.  Then we got wrapped.

Here's what the wrap was made from:

There was a mixed oil spray that contained:

-Slim & Sassy Oil (which is a combination of Grape Fruit, Lemon, Peppermint, & Ginger); Lemon Oil; Peppermint Oil; Ginger.  All of these were mixed with a liquid coconut oil and put in a spray bottle.

She sprayed the oil around my tummy, and rubbed it in, rubbing up towards our heart. Then she wrapped around the oils/my stomach with saran wrap.  Then you wear the wrap for 1 to 2 hours, or you can sleep in it.  I probably wore mine for about 3-4 hours.




Then while we were hanging out we also tried some yummy trim smoothies, and some protein bites.  All which had some essential oils in the recipe.  It was interesting to be eating things with oils in them.

Then the lady explained that the way the wrap worked was that is decreased fat/cellulite cells os your body can metabolize them, and the saran wrap helps drive it into our body.  (Oh by the way, you should drink lemon water while you are wearing the wrap.  The lemon is a natural detox-er, so it helps.


I heard several ladies say they didn't see a difference after measuring their waists again, but when I measured THAT NIGHT, the measurements showed that I lost about 1/2 an inch in each place.

BEFORE: above=35.5  belly button=39   below=40.5

AFTER: above=35  belly button=38   below=40

So I felt good after! Anyways, I am not an expert on this, (obviously), so I don't know a ton about it, but just thought I would go try it for fun, and I liked the outcome so I wanted to share it with y'all!

Have you ever tried an DIY BODY DETOX WRAP!?!?! I would love to hear about it!

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