DIY 4th of July Shirt

I have to make this quick because we are in the process of moving, but I couldn't help myself! I saw a cute shirt online for sale and thought...Hey I could make that! So I did!! I decided to quickly make a DIY 4th of July shirt on Thursday night! I bought the supplies and made the shirt all in the same evening.


Here's what I did!

I bought a white shirt from Wal-Mart.  I was looking for something a little bigger that I could wear off the should! I spent about $7.96 on this shirt, and I also bought paint markers, which were actually kind of expensive.  I spent about $10 on a pack of paint markers.  That is all I bought though.


I printed and cut out letters that I liked, and used them as stencils!


I used a thin black pen to trace the stencils just how I wanted them.


Then I used the paint markers to trace over them, and then "scribble" in the letters.  I liked the way this looked!


There you go, you have a DIY 4th of July shirt.  I haven't washed it yet, but the paint pens pack said it would stay just like it is.


I had these metal rhinestones, so I decided to add a little sleeve flare to mine! I have been wanting to use these, and haven't yet, so you could really add anything to the shirt.  I kept it simple on the sleeves!


So easy, and cost less than $20!! I will definitely be wearing this as I celebrate the 4th!

**Please note that I have been moving all day, so I am pretty nasty and sweaty! :-)

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