Disney...so close I can't stop dreaming of you!

So a few days ago I dreamt of the Disney Half Marathon, and the only thing I remember is how sad I was that they didn't shoot off fireworks! hahaha



So I'm hoping this weekend they actually do shoot off fireworks so I won't be disappointed.  :-) Just kidding, no matter what it is going to be an amazing weekend!

I am so ready to get to Florida! I have a day and a half left to work then I head to Dallas to fly to Orlando!

Here's a few things I am most excited about:

-Obviously running through Disney

-The excitement that the race will bring

-Being in a race with SO many people, (I have only run small races)

-The huge expo and all the fun things there

-The entire extravagance of the race....the fireworks, the castle, Epcot, the finish line, the photos with characters

-Wearing our tutus

-The beautiful Disney medal

-All the fun photos that we will take from the weekend

-The excitement of the early morning

-Getting to see my mom experience this and have so much fun with her and my sister

-Crossing the finish line with my mom & sister at my side

-Plus just running another half marathon excites me, and the feeling of self-confidence and pride that you have for yourself and your huge achievement!


Then of course I am so excited about spending time at Disney World and getting to experience all the parks again.  I did this when I was in High School, and although that wasn't that long ago, it is still hard for me to remember my experience there! I am so excited though.  I know we are going to have a blast together!

Stay tuned this week to hear about my Disney packing endeavors :-) I am in the midst of packing now (aka my clothes are all over my closet floor), so that's really fun!