Disney is Upon Us

Today my little boy and I board a plane to Florida. It is so hard to believe that Disney is upon us. I remember the excitement I had back in July when I signed up for this 1/2 Marathon and continued to have through the 1/2 I felt so great about in August. In September we found out that we were pregnant, making me 28 weeks pregnant when we do the Disney Princess 1/2. I have struggled so bad with the thoughts of even doing this run. As much as I wanted to be the pregnant girl that continued to run and workout, it hasn't been me. Along with the news of the pregnancy, we found out we would be moving as well... and husband is in training. No longer can he go on this trip with us, which makes me so sad too. However, because my mom and sister had already paid for the race and airline tickets- I have to go.... and I am starting to feel better about it. I am not dreading it was much! This is a great thing, right? Am I physically prepared? NOT AT ALL!


I can't wait to write the after post for you guys... I hope it is a positive one. I am not physically ready, but my ladies are willing to stay with me... I can walk, we can look cute in our tutus (or pregnant, whatever), we can talk, we can get pictures, and we can have fun! I know from running my first 1/2 at a Rock n' Roll how the adrenaline takes over! This is what I am really hoping for at Disney as well. I feel so guilty most days that Little Sis will not be going at her fullest potential to stay with me and our mom.. but this is going to be an experience for us. I tell her to go ahead, leave us... but she says she won't. Either way, it will be great.


Our mom is over 50, doing her first half marathon. I can't even tell you how proud we are of her. She took up running a few months ago... and well, it is just amazing. She has been working out for a while now. She is a hottie and so committed. Our mom is up at the gym before work each morning, like 5amish...I couldn't do it. But she is dedicated. That is why when we got the thought to surprise her for her birthday with purchasing a ticket for her to run the half with us, we had to. She was already going to enjoy Disney with us... but why not experience this with us? I am so excited for the pictures we will have with her after this trip.


Little Sister is amazing too. She took up running last year too.. I remember her asking me questions and my answering with the best of my knowledge.. lucky for her this is before I got pregnant. She has serious motivation and determination as well. She works a full time job, like many, but her job takes her back to work many evenings because of events they are hosting at the University. She is a host mom to three teenage boys and still is a newlywed. My sister is very busy in her church and involved with friends like I only wish I could be... and yet, she always makes time to take care of herself. I can't wait to experience this one with her... though we did one in October, that was terrible for me! :)


Next time you hear from me about Disney-- it will be telling you all about the run. Hoping I can give you very, very GOOD experience by this 28 week pregnant gal! :) Send happy vibes our way!