You Might Have an Imaginary Personal Trainer If....! #DishtheFit


We all know the feeling of wanting to give up at the end of a workout, or maybe just do three reps instead of four.  Whatever the case, in moments of weakness, we tend to want to cut ourselves short of getting the full, intense, body burning workout that we intended to get when we started. At times like this, I tend to use personal mantras to get me through...especially when it comes to running.  At other times though, when I just can't seem to find my own motivation, it helps to call on my Imaginary Personal Trainer!? (very similar to your child's imaginary friend)

What does your Imaginary Personal Trainer say to you when you want to GIVE UP!?


So don't must admit that you have an imaginary personal trainer looming around in your thoughts as well! Let me give some examples:

If you have ever experienced this, you may have a secret IMAGINARY PERSONAL TRAINER....

-It's NOT rest day, but your are trying to justify sitting at home in front of your favorite television show rather than going to the gym IMAGINARY TRAINER: "Get your butt off the couch and go sweat!" 

-It's 5AM, and you are dreaming of texting your running partner that you are "cough cough" not feeling well enough to meet up this AM. IMAGINARY TRAINER: "Your are going to regret this later today....don't be flaky with your running partner. Get up and go run! You will be happy you did!"

-Your on the treadmill, and your training day says to run 4miles today, but after one mile, you are thinking you might just walk the rest while you watch the rest of the Friends episode on the gym TV.  IMAGINARY TRAINER: "You will get done a lot faster if you run the entire time. Plus, walking is not 'the same' as running. RUN!"

-The Crossfit workout of the day is 70 burpees (WTH)!! You notice you are already behind, so you are thinking of just jumping ahead 10 counts.  IMAGINARY TRAINER: "DO NOT  CHEAT YOURSELF! Plus you are lying to everyone else by saying you did the entire set when you didn't!"

Now, here's the time to be you have an Imaginary Personal Trainer? What are some of their go-to motivational words to get you moving!?

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Here's a few of the things that my Imaginary Personal Trainer always says to me!

  • "Com on you can do this keep going!" 
  • "You are almost done, stay strong tip the end!" 
  • "They are on your tail.....finish strong!!! Don't let them beat you!"
  • "Get up and work out!! If you don't, you will feel terrible later!"
  • "Working out now will influence the rest of your day! If you get your sweat on now, you will be more aware of what you are eating all day long! Come on, you want to do this!!! Go SWEAT!"
  • "DON'T YOU DARE GIVE UP! You have goals that you want to set, now push yourself and GET THERE!!"
  • "YOU ARE STRONG! You are Strong! You are Strong!"
  • "Remember, your son is watching you! Push yourself, work hard, don't cheat yourself! You want to teach him that healthy living is something we love! So work hard, and get moving!!! It's not just about you!" 

I would love to hear some of the things that your IMAGINARY PERSONAL TRAINER usually says to you! Maybe my personal trainer could borrow some of your go-to motivations!!