Disengage, People!

We had such a wonderful time at Disney. We spent Friday at Magic Kingdom, Saturday at Epcot, and Monday at MGM. I was very sad to not have my baby daddy experiencing this with us, but second best was with Gammy and Aunt Britt Britt! We really had a blast. They were wonderful sports with my crankiness. I don't remember getting so crabby being pregnant with my little boy... must be the difference between a girl and a boy... or so I tell myself! :) But if there was anything that bothered me the MOST about this trip... it was the amount of people on their phones ALL. THE.TIME!


I am convicted every time I read something that reminds me not to allow the ease of technology to interfere with my parenting and bonding with my son. It breaks my heart to see so many kids that are not getting the attention they need because a parent is on a phone... but it is JUST as sad to think of what that parent is missing out on. Am I perfect? Heck to the NO! I am reminded daily to be better about my phone and computer when I am involved with my son. I have made a few changes.. some of which are: NOT taking my phone to the park and NOT using my computer while we are doing our things together. I have set times during the day when I will pop open my computer when he is doing his own thing.... but the things that require time (such as blogging) I wait until he is asleep.

There are days when I am exhausted and I don't want to play anymore. I want to be finished with school. The last thing I want to do is go to the park... All of these things we ALL feel...and often on those days, I do pop open my computer... until I hear him say "Mommy, Look!!" I don't want to miss out on anything. Of course I miss a lot! Don't we all? At Disney it was non stop. Standing in line? Mommy is on her phone. On the ride, Daddy is on his phone. You get my drift. I know you have all seen it. It makes me want to yell at people and say:

DISENGAGE with your phone! ENGAGE with your CHILD! 

I know we all feel this way on some level... or else all of these posts in our blogger world would not be floating around. But isn't it SO hard to give up? I just wonder how on earth it is going to be when our kids get even bigger? The biggest change I have made is with my cell phone... by leaving it at home when we go to play. The other thing I do is leave it on silent when he and I are working... that way I am not tempted to answer the phone OR look at the text. The last thing I want is him looking at me for my approval/love/admiration and I am staring at my phone. I don't want to send the wrong signal that my phone is more important that him... but oh, it is so hard sometimes! I have changed my text message tone as well, so I don't hear it near as easy unless it is right next to me.


My question for you readers is... how are you learning to disengage with the world and engage with your child? I know we are all working on it.. It is huge. I know none of us Mommys or Daddys out there want to miss out on the growth of our little ones!

I also know that when Baby #2 comes it is going to get even more challenging!!! I am going to want that 'break' more..... but my time is going to be even more limited than it already is. I am ready for the challenge.


I am so thankful for the three years I spent in Japan. We were there when the iPhones went CRRRRRRAZY in America. I am so thankful that I was gone. I think it is for this reason we do not own iPhones. We have smart phones yes... but they don't consume us... because they aren't as easy accessible as the iPhone! :) We have the cheaper ones!

So tell me readers... how do you disengage with the world? How do you engage with your child?