Dirty Thirty...GIVEAWAY!

I'M 30!!!

Of course it only seems fitting that to celebrate a blogger's birthday that she give things away right...!?!? 

I'm so excited to be sharing some of my favorite brands and products with you guys, plus letting some of you amazing people WIN some stuff to celebrate my DIRTY THIRTY! 

Also, I'm launching my FAVE THINGS page, so it will always be here for you to find my favorite products, and be able to use my links and coupon codes when you want to order from these amaizng brands! And save MONEY!!!


So....my sister and I began my birthday celebration a little early, and yesterday we got a little crazy for my 30th, and got our noses pierced! Super spontaneous! Literally woke up, talked about what we wanted to do to make this special...then all of a sudden we were in a tattoo place in the mall with 4 kids! Yes I know, most people did this in their 20's, when they were in college....but we waited until we were in our thirties, and married moms! Hahaha I will admit though, I'm loving it! 

So I"m in Florida with my sister, away from my husband, and my sister wanted to make my 30th birthday so special! She knows I love birthdays and celebrating, and I'm telling you, she hit this one out of the park! 

Day Before my Birthday: 

  • Got our noses pierced
  • Went to Goodwill to find a fun dress to wear so that we could take "30th Birthday Cake Smashing Pics!" 

Morning of My 30th Birthday: 

  • I wake up to a chill morning enjoying coffee
  • Surprise---my sister's friend comes over with a massage table to give me an in house massage! Much needed, much enjoyed, and much appreciated! 

Birthday Day: 

  • My sister takes us to lunch by the beach (it's storming though) to an amazing smoothie place! They had fun bagels topped with healthy but yummy treats, smoothie bowls, etc! My favorite kind of place! 
  • I got all dressed up with fun props, and we spent the afternoon finding fun colorful walls to take photos at! Here are some of our faves! 

Birthday Evening: 

  • My sister puts together a birthday dinner with HER friends, for ME! 
  • We have a delicious meal! 
  • Enjoy a yummy sugar free cake she made me! 
  • And played a game of CHOPPED together! Like the TV Show! It was such a blast! 
  • Spent the rest of the evening chilling with my sister! 

It has been a birthday I will never forget, that's for sure! 


Live life in the moment! 

I will enjoy the little things! Enjoy the present moment, even the unenjoyable ones! Take in my experiences, learn from them, grow from them, and not spend my life constantly thinking about what's next, or where I've come from! 

I will chase my dreams, and run towards fear because that's usually where you find your purpose, and find growth! 

I will take in the sweet moments I have with my family and friends! Love them harder, hug them tighter, listen closer, smell them deeper, and just breathe in their joy! 

Now for my Fave Products, and HOW TO WIN SOME AMAZING STUFF! 

Each of these products will be up for grabs on my INSTAGRAM this week! Go enter to WIN some amazing stuff! And find coupon codes and special links to each one on my new Fave Products Page!

1) My Cookbook! My Birthday Bash Cookbook Sale is on until this Sunday at 11:59PM (10/08-17), so you can grab a cookbook for just $20! But, I'm also giving away one cookbook on my Instagram! GO ENTER TODAY! 

2) Headphones-Seriously, I cannot get enough of my Trekz Titanium Headphones from Aftershokz! They work through bone conduction, and they make everything I do so much easier! 

3) HATS!- I am all about taking care of your skin, and looking cute while you do it! I love my Alpine Dam hats, and I am so excited to be able to let FIVE of you win one! 

4) Wella Bar-These are only my FAVORITE Bars these days! Perfect for anything and everything! Taste amazing, sugar free, and another amazing Texas Brand! And they are going to be giving away an amazing pack of all the best Wella Bars

6) BCAA's-I am so so excited to be able to offer someone a canister of my favorite BCAA's! I use these on a daily! My fave flavor is Cherry Lime, but if you win, you can choose whichever flavor you want!  Momsanity is a brand run by 2 amazing women/mom's, and their products are all natural and GOOD!

7) Probiotics- I am such a huge fan of probiotics, for everyone! Gut health is so iimportant for our overall health and well-being! I take Silver Fern Brand Probiotic Pills, and I give my kiddos (and the hubs), their WAI Probiotic Drink! It gives them someting flavored to drink that not only takes care of their body, but also is not full of sugar! WHICH I LOVE! One winner will get a bottle of their probiotic vitamins, plus some of their WAI Probiotic drink mixes too! 

8) Self-Care!!! I am loving all of the bath salts, body scrubs, soaps, etc. from Live Free Organics! Naturally, Handmade, plus a Texas Brand, and you can WIN some yummy Lavender Coconut Bath Salts & Coconut Soap! PLUS, all month long, use code DIRTYTHIRTY to get 30% OFF! 

Use code DIRTYTHIRTY all month long to get 30% OFF! 

Use code DIRTYTHIRTY all month long to get 30% OFF! 

So what are you waiting for!?!?! 

Head over to my Instagram and celebrate with me by entering in all of the giveaways! You will find one posted each day, now through October 12th!