Dining Room Remodel Reveal!

So if you haven't read my prior post about helping to remodel my newly married friend's dining room, you should go check that out first at Remodeling a Dining Room.
First I would like to describe the outcome of this adorable dining room as QUAINT--which I looked up and the definition fit her new dining area perfectly! 
-having an old-fashioned attractiveness or charm; oddly picturesque: a quaint old house.-strange, peculiar, or unusual in an interesting, pleasing, or amusing way: a quaint sense of humor.
-skillfully or cleverly made.

Each one of these definitions is perfect for this new space.  Why don't you check it out and tell me what you think! These photos were taken at her graduation party this weekend, so it's even cuter, all decorate for a party! 

Super Cute! What do you think??