Dear Son

Dear Son,

To my first born, my boy, my baby... your world is about to change.

As I tucked you into bed tonight I was overcome with tears... again. I am SO excited to meet your sister, the one we have been talking to and loving on since we found out we were having a baby 7 months ago.... I really can't believe we are meeting her- TOMORROW.

Your world is changing right before your eyes and you don't know it.

You are so excited to meet this little sister whom you so lovingly named "Sticker" at the very beginning of our pregnancy. I love that "Sticker" has stuck, because it is so special to me, because you gave it to her.

I have been so impatient the past couple of days and I am so sorry. I love you, my sweet one.

I need you to always know that your Mommy thinks you are the most amazing little boy in the world and I would give me life for you....

I know you are going to be great at everything you do.

Today your Daddy had a graduation were so proud of him. I love watching you with your Daddy... you put a glow on him that no one has ever put on him. YOU have changed him... you have made him such an amazing daddy.... Sticker will thank you for this one day.

Today was the last day that we spent together with you being an only child.... as excited as I am... it breaks my heart too. YOU have been my baby for the past 3 years and 2 months....

Change is always hard for me...

I miss you already. I miss your innocence of being my only one... I miss being able to give you 110% of me... and Sticker isn't even here yet... Does this show you how much Mommy adores you?

I promise to always make time for you my sweet boy... Sticker arriving is going to make our family bigger, more fun, and more exciting... You have been so excited and counted down using our homemade calendar from Day 59. Today it is on Day 1... you keep telling me that tomorrow our calendar has ZERO... and that you get to see your Sticker.. You do, baby, you do!

I often wonder if this is how Gammy felt when she was about to give birth to me while Uncle Shane was a little boy-- about your age... Did it break her heart while at the same time her heart was so full of love for the new adventures that lie ahead?

What did Uncle Shane feel when Gammy brought me home from the hospital? I know you are going to LOVE Sticker... but there will be times you don't like her... trust me, I have a Big Brother, I know.

You really are such a blessed little boy. I don't know of two parents that could love their child any more than we do.. You are our light and such a blessing from the Lord.... Thank you for being you. One day when you are grown, with your own family, I hope we always, ALWAYS remain this close.. YOU are my sweet one.. and I am SO thankful for you.

I love you baby boy....

Tomorrow you become a Big Brother! :)

Written with tears pouring down my face, sorry if it doesn't make sense.