Dear Jesus....

Last night when I was putting my nephew to sleep I told him a bed time see I have told him one every night since he has been here:

Sunday: Story of Jonah & the whale
Monday: Noah's Ark
Tuesday: Christmas story of Jesus being born
Wednesday: Story of Jesus dying and being raised again and going to Heaven to prepare a place for us

Of course I put all of these stories into kid terms...and he really surprised me by things he already on the night that I told him about Jesus being born and how good of a person he was, he mentioned about how he was nailed to the cross...

This led me to tell him that story the next day. And when I told him that Jesus went to Heaven to prepare a place for us, to put it on his level I said that God called Jesus to Heaven to come build a giant castle with fun stuff for us. With an awesome playground there, great food, and lot's of rainbows! Shoot that probably will be part of Heaven for all we know! I mean it's going to be great! Anyways, I told him then after Jesus is done building it He will come back to get all the people that loved Him and chose to be His friend!

Anyways, Ashtyn is just so sweet, and when we have gone to bed at night he will pray, then I will pray for him. On Tuesday night we talked about Angels again....and I asked if he had ever seen one...he said no, and I told him that we could pray to ask God to let us see that's what he prayed that was adorable...I have it recorded and will post it soon.

But I tried to remember his short, sweet little prayer from last night word for is what I remember:

"Dear Jesus, I want to be your friend, Allll day...and if I break your promises please forgive me...Amen"

It was so sweet, I didn't even use the work promises.... let me just say when he was praying I felt the power of the Lord in that room with us!

Thank you Lord for the sweet spirit of children!