Day 9 Birthday Celebration

Happy Birthday Celebration Day 9! 
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Today one of our favorite shirt companies is giving one of you an awesome workout shirt! And it is not only a great shirt, but each one of their shirts are also very inspiring!
Here's me, Little Sis in my Brighter Fire shirt after a very long run! 
Have you ever heard of Brighter Fire? Here's some cool stuff about their company! 

One of the best parts about this company is that 10% of ALL profits are given back to the Wounded Warrior Project.  We love companies that give back. What I love the most about them is the message they are trying to get across to all of us, which is:

"unleashing the inner 'fire' each person has inside."

I love this message so much because it is exactly what my desire is around my family and friends. The people that say that they can't run or can't do this or that... I am always saying.. YES!!! YES! you can! Everyone has that inner fire and I just wish everyone would realize that! It is so hard to realize that we do have the potential inside of us that we don't think we have...I love seeing people reach new goals and expectations for themselves! That is why when I see companies like Brighter Fire Apparel, I can't wait to work with them! 

"Brighter Fire is here to motivate, inspire, and drive people to new heights! We hope you 

will take our designs to heart and go above and beyond the norm!"

Here's a few of their awesome designs! Now ENTER to win you one !

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