Day 6 Birthday Celebration

Happy Birthday Celebration Day 6!
Today is Day #6 of our Birthday Celebration, and we are having so much fun with it! 

We hope that each of you are loving the Birthday Bash also, and be sure you have entered in all of the other GIVEAWAYS we have had so far! Plus be sure to come back each day and enter into a new giveaway for our 15 days of the big celebration as both Big & Little Sis celebrate their real birthdays! 

Today we are so excited to bring you Jamie from Impass Clothing. She has some pretty amazing items in her Etsy Shop and we are so excited that she is going to give one of you a Hustle and Flow Top! Seriously, if you take a look around her shop she has some amazing workout gear from sports bras, tanks, pants, plus more! We are so happy that she said she would join in our celebration... The top she is giving one of you will look a little like this:
How cools is that top? I especially love how the top matches the bottom... and if you win you could totally chose to pay for a pair of bottoms to match your Hustle and Flow Top. Before I go on, I would like to let Jamie tell you a little about her business:
"Impass clothing was started shortly after I graduated from college. I knew I wanted to make a career out of doing what I love which is creating apparel. Impass Clothing is meant to make the wearer feel great and look great. The clothes are playful-to embrace our inner youth, the kid inside of us that loves to adventure, that does not fear, that does not judge, and that is not insecure. The brand Impass was designed for those people that believe in being a kid forever, loving without fear and restraint, and chasing after there dreams with reckless abandonment."

I absolutely love her description of her business. Who doesn't want to be a kid forever? She has truly taken her passion of creating apparel and brought some items to the table that I had never thought of. I especially love who the sports bra is part of the shirt!Take a look at these few views of her Hustle and Flow Shirt that she will be giving one of you:

Front View
Side View
Back View

Below you will find her description of the shirt from her ETSY shop:
Add movement, breathability and flair to your workout gear. This loosely cut top will allow you to get extra air during your workout. The built in sports bra is shaped for optimal performance. 

List Size and Color Preference in "Notes to Impass Clothing" upon checkout. 

Description: Loose black top with built in sports bra, cross style racer back
Sizes offered: XS-L
Colors offered: Ziraff, Blue Zag 
Size information listed on my shop Policies page

Fabric Content: 100% Polyester and 80% Nylon/20%Spandex 
Care Instructions: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low, do not bleach

Places you can find Jamie from Impass Clothing:


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