Day 2 Birthday Celebration

Day 2
Thanks for all of the birthday wishes! I had a great 29th Birthday and the husband surprised me by taking our 2 year old to a friend while we went out to a nice dinner. Very nice! Now, enjoy the rest of our Birthday Celebration! -Big Sis

We are so excited to continue to bring you these awesome Giveaways. As we have said, we are OHHH, so thankful for these businesses that have so graciously chose to be part of our celebration. We hope you continue to be excited about this giveaway as we are... Be sure to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!

Today we are so excited to tell you about Susan over at Havasu Decals! We are so excited to have her giving away a product to you. Susan has been working with us for over a month now on decals we are looking for, creating a shirt for a Mud Run team, and is getting ready to complete out shirts. We love looking at her fun running decals and all the ideas that she has and brings to life through it.

Susan has her work on a few different websites and is a wonderful person to work with. I can tell you now that we highly recommend using her if you are wanting to work with someone that is going to be patient (because you have SO many questions like us), generous (because she has that sweet heart), and confident in her work. I love working with people that know what they are doing and do it the best they can and Susan does just that.

Check Her Out at These Places:

We are so excited to tell you that ONE of you will WIN a PERSONALIZED TUMBLER that she has created to giveaway and she can even put your name on it! Isn't that so exciting? So go on over and take a look at these amazing shirts and come back and comment to us WHICH design you will get on the tumbler when you win!

Winner will receive this Tumbler:

*All Giveaways will run for ONE week. ALL winners will be announced on Sunday, October 14th*

Good Luck in our Happy Birthday Celebration!  

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