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Little Sis some of you may know, I have an online etsy store....see top tab to check it out, or click HERE!

I sell several hand made items there including:

-Bird Nest Rings

-Bird Nest Necklaces

-Body Scrubs

-Custom-Made Pillows

-Custom-Made Cushions

and my newest item in my shop is a Custom-Made Cube Ottoman!


This is probably my favorite product because it is not just something I make, but it is a team's a product that both my husband and I get to do together.

First off, this item was his idea, just for fun for our house.  Once we made our first one, we decided to make these for our family for Christmas.  We gave away 5 for Christmas...then we decided that we loved them enough that we would put them in my store, and we have already sold three of them.

Here are the latest two I made....these are even more unique because they have piping around the top, and along with the two ottomans, I also made matching pillows. (this is them set up in my customers living area)


 Like I said....I love this item because it is fun to work with my husband. He makes the box, then we both work to fit the foam seat, and batting around it.  Then I sew the cover and we both attach it.  It's so fun to get to create something together, and to enjoy the outcome ourself.

Here's the one we have in our own home, I love it!



Find something you enjoy doing with your spouse! Whether it is making something, playing a sport, doing an activity, find a hobby together.  It is fun to work together, and to laugh together.  It brings a bond and a unity when you share an accomplishment or a fun moment with the person you love!

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