The Crazy Yoga Leggings Trend

So as many of you have probably been made aware, there is a new trend going on...and that trend is to find the craziest, brightest colored, most random patterned pair of leggings out there and do yoga in them.

(if this is news to you, then I am going to have to politely ask you to crawl out of the hole you are living in, and join the rest of us in the real world)

So....I have always b. (which is very important for this postpaeen a bright person! Growing up I imagined owning my own house one day and every room being painted a different color. (This is not my reality). What can I say though, I'm a HAPPY person, I love bright and festive colors, so finally I decided to jump on board with the trend and snag me a crazy pair of yoga leggings!

I got a pair of Onzie long leggings in the "Solar System" print.



How fun are these!! I think I would definitely fit in at a yoga festival....oh wait here's a photo of me at a yoga festival fitting right in!!




So if you are thinking of jumping on the bandwagon and giving in to the trend, or maybe you are already hipster enough to have crazy leggings, here's some great things about the Onzie leggings that might make you want some.

AND... If you keep reading you might find a discount code to use on a pair!!!!


-obviously the vibrancy is AWESOME!

-these leggings definitely make you look like a professional Yogi!

-they advertise them as being almost skin like, and I would agree. The material is a nice texture/weight that doesn't feel like you are adding to much material to your body. Allowing you to flow well in any workout.

-the top band is thick which I like. It doesn't roll down while in poses, but stays put and allows your hips/stomach feel supported. (Which is very important for this postpartum mommy).

-Like I mentioned before,when putting the leggings on, in comparison to some of my others, the material feels kind of sleek and thin. BUT...they have not shown to be see through at all, even in my best downward facing dog pose. And let me tell you my husband is quick to inform me when a pair of leggings is see through, so I would know! (Either that or the crazy pattern is so eye-occupying that is distracts someone from the see-thoroughness). Either way, I've gotten good feedback in that department, if you have had trouble with this in the past, then you know that is a sign of GOOD leggings.

-lastly, since the Onzie brand prides themselves in creating a legging that seems to become part of you, like your own skin, I thought I would put them to the ultimate test....HOT YOGA! Yes I wore long leggings to hot yoga! Some call that crazy, I call it bravery. Especially since it was my first hot yoga class to take since last August when I found out I was pregnant. And I got through it with shining stars, or lots of sweat actually. But at no time did I regret wearing the leggings or even think about the leggings really. Other than feeling extremely trendy and yogi-ish, the leggings never crossed my mind.  Even in the relaxation pose as I cooled down, I almost thought I was wearing shorts at one time.

So basically what is comes down to is that these leggings are The Bomb! (Maybe that's not in anymore, but they are awesome!)  I am thankful that I chose this brand to be the one that took me into this Yoga Trend! And let me just say I feel totally accepted into the trendy group, and not judged at all. Or maybe I just don't care if I'm being judged.

So join me, join the TREND! Go to and find the brightest, craziest pair of leggings they have and order some for yourself.

Oh and use this discount code to save you some cash!!


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