Crafting is consuming my life....AND I LOVE IT!

I have been so bad at blogging I want to say sorry to my blog and sorry to my blog followers! I am going to be better!
Lately though, I have been so busy with work, school, college ministry, the boys, being a wife/semi-mother, traveling, and CRAFTING!!

Notice crafting is bolded and italicized....that is because I am LOVING IT!
Since we have a new house and all, and with getting so involved with pinterest, I have had so much motivation to craft! And it has been awesome! The next few days I will be blogging about my recent craft of those blogs will be all about Fall decor/crafts! YAY! I love fall...and sidenote: the weather in Abilene today is very Fallish and I am loving it! Speaking of I made a cute scarf last night and am wearing it today! Definitely ready to pull out my boots!
So here is the most time consuming, high-skill leveled, and biggest project I have been doing lately...and along with this my husband is helping A LOT....and I have had some major sewing accomplishments as I have started this project. Still not totally done though, but let me explain with photos!
So this is the outdoor couch/bench that Meguell made...totally from scratch! And it is not totally done, he is still in the process of staining it! We have a wonderful outdoor covering in our backyard, and we are going to set this up with a matching chair, hopefully put some lights out there, and our fire pit and it will be great! I cannot wait to show you the final pictures! Our plan is to have it done by a week from this Friday, which is the day that we are having a Halloween party for our boys friends at the house! (which I am so excited about!) So hopefully the week after that I can post finished pictures!
Then, as you notice the couch above would not be comfortable to just sit on, so I have made some great pillows for it! So I went to Hancocks Fabric and found some amazing sales! I probably saved about $100 on the fabric because outdoor fabric was on sale, I got some of it from usualy $20 a yard to just $5 a yard! Awesome deal! And then we got foam and pillow forms for 40% off! So these projects were looking great, now it was up to me to do a good sewing job to make it look nice!
The first thing I did was learn how to sew on zippers! This is a photo of my first one! I am so proud of these! It wasn't as hard as you think once you wrap your mind around it, and these turned out looking great!
Here are the first two pillows I made. (Since then I have made the two other ones that I need...) The yellow and white one is the fabric that will cover our chair, and the strips will be on the couch. These giant pillows are the backs that you lean against...I still have to do the cushions that you sit on. Also, just a little fyi, these are the first pillows I have ever made!
A close up of the chair pillow.
Then last night I made this small rectangle pillow. This one is just an added color/pattern to the couches! It will just be a throw pillow, and I will probably make 2 more of these in all different shapes/sizes. This one doesn't have a zipper, it is just stuffed.
Here's a pic of the process ( I used the Iphone app "diptic" to make the framed look)
Anyways, I am so proud of our work so far! But now is the hard part....doing the square cushions....because they are four inches thick, it will be different than just sewing the pillows, but hopefully YOUTUBE videos will come through for me again, as they did with teaching me to sew on zippers :-)
I will keep you updated on how it goes!