Couple's Who Sweat Together...

Couple's Who Sweat Together...Stay Together...And So Much More! 

One of my goals when getting postpartum released was to start an at home workout program with my husband. You see...we used to workout together at a gym, but after having kids, those trips became extinct. It's just way harder to go to the gym together when you have kids. Of course some gyms have childcare, but still that takes an hour + of your time in the evenings in order to go together. So....we just haven't. 

Here's the thing though. When my husband and I work out together, it brings a whole new aspect to our relationship. There's a new level of fun, and determination in our marriage. It makes us challenge each other, and grow together to better ourselves. We both are focused on the same things....eating healthy and getting fit, and overall taking care of ourselves. Plus, it's challenging, we sweat together and work hard together. We laugh together. And complain at hard workouts together. And laugh at each other! 

Here Are 5 Benefits of Working Out With Your Partner: 

1) Challenge Yourself & Improve the Efficiency of Your Work-

Working out with someone else will always push you harder and boost your energy output. Plus there is a fun flare of competition when it comes to working out with your partner that encourages you to work harder and push yourself to be better in that particular workout! 

2) Make Your Partner Fall in Love With You! aka increase your sex drive

Exercise induces the symptoms of physiological arousal—sweaty hands, a racing pulse, shortness of breath. These symptoms mirror, in many ways, the thrill of romantic attraction. Interestingly, people can easily mistake the two and misattribute physical arousal for romantic attraction (Dutton & Aron, 1974).

This means...workout with your partner, and they will get more and more attracted to you! Which also means...more of the good stuff i.e. sex with them! 

3) Increase Relationship Happiness-

Studies show that after participating in an exciting and challenging event, that couples feel happier together! This is so true! In Spring 2015 my husband and I ran a half marathon together! It was so fun to see each other hit new running goals while we trained! Then to complete the race together, get medaled, and feel incredible about our accomplishment! Sharing that together felt so good! There was such a joy and happiness that we shared! 

4) Helps You Achieve Your Health & Fitness Goals-

When you are doing it together! Both caring about your eating habits and your workout regimen, it's easier to stay on track, not give in to excuses, and work hard to achieve your goals! I love being on the same page with my husband when it comes to our health goals! It makes meal planning, and scheduling our workouts so much easier! Have you ever tried to eat healthier without your spouse being on board! Seriously...when they want ice cream and it's not in your meal plan, it makes it difficult to say "no."

If you continually fail at your workout routine, and don't hit your goals...change it up do this together people! It helps you succeed! 

5) Builds Confidence-

As women, when we are working out, we begin to feel better about ourselves! We see physical changes, we are sweating and pushing ourselves to new limits, and this means we love ourselves more and become more confident. When this happens, it directly impacts our relationship! To fully be loved and accept love from others, we have to love ourselves! Plus, when we are growing in our confidence and self-image, we feel more comfortable in the bedroom...which is a plus for both parties! 

Join us this month!

So since my husband and I are loving these workouts, and all of these amazing benefits together, we want to help other couples too! We are hosting an August #BeastModeForTheBedroom Couple's Boot Camp! 

We are only taking on 3 couples to join us! We will all do the same at-home workouts for 3 weeks, as well as follow similar nutrition plans and be a part of an online group where we will share our progress, recipes, etc. 

If you are interested in joining, fill out THIS FORM and I will set up a consult to discuss if this program is right for you! 

Get Sweaty,