Countdown Calendar

"Mommy, I Loooove Sticker!"

"Mommy, Can Sticker come out yet?"

"Mommy, When can I play with my sister Sticker?"

These are just a few of the questions that I get every single morning from my three year old in regards to his unborn baby sister. I love it. From the beginning, at 5 weeks, he named her Sticker. It has stuck. I feel like it will stick. I honestly can't imagine calling her by her real name as funny as that sounds... but we are just use to calling her Sticker. My three year old is SO excited and I can't wait to make him a big brother. Though yesterday it hit me.... it is almost time and I won't ever have that time with just me and him. I know I am going to have it to make it a priority to have just Mommy and Son time!! I am going to miss it, but in the same breath, I am so excited to have a little girl.

Today I am 33 weeks, 3 days. I still feel like I have SO far to go. I keep thinking, once I hit 35 weeks I will feel like I am almost there and I will be almost there. I am feeling great the past few days. The drive to our hometown really put me out for a few days, I was exhausted and my body just ached. But I am feeling good now. I have to make a super strong effort each day to save energy during the day for when my husband gets home... because if I don't, I become DONE by 3pm and then I end up in a bad mood because I am so exhausted. Hormones!!! You really aren't fun!

Writing his numbers

So I have been meaning to do a Countdown Calendar for Sticker with my son for some time and I keep forgetting. Yesterday we did it. We did it based on my due date of May 21st. Today that means we have 47 days. We worked hard on it. He did so good writing the numbers. He wrote them all on his own, using my example for numbers he wasn't sure of, and worked hard until like number 24... then he was done. So I finished. Then we taped them on our wall in calendar form and each morning he can remove a number from the calendar. It is hilarious because in our home in California, which we owned and I adored, I did not put this kind of stuff on our walls in the front where people could see- it all went in the playroom. But with such a tiny house, it warms my soul to see his writings on our wall! I love this kid.

I love seeing his handwriting, especially those 9's

So, though it is exciting for him, it is just as exciting for me to see the countdown too. Who knows when she will arrive. I figure if it is longer than that, I will add more numbers. Have you ever done anything like this to help your child know when a great event is coming up? There are so many things that are happening after Sticker is born and he puts it all together... I love it.

When we say "After Sticker Is Born" he has a few things he says:

"Oh, we move to Coconut Beach, Florida" (Cocoa Beach)

"I can get my dog, Dezi, back!"

"I can go see Gilmer again?"

"Oh, I can see my friend Allie in Florida!"

"Oh, I get a NEW house AGAIN!"

So thankful for this child... and I will be just as thankful for the little one in my belly. These kids have a harder life to live than some kids... the life of a military child. In only 3 years and 3 months my boy will have lived in Japan, California, Texas, and Florida. Imagine the friends he has- and especially if he was older. So thankful that kids are so resilient.