Cookies? Please Mommy??

What could be better than your child wanting cookies at the store...and you telling him that you will make some together when you get home? YOUR TWO YEAR OLD being in agreement with that and NOT throwing a fit in Wal-Mart for the 4th of July cookies all over the place. It was a little piece of heaven right here on earth.

The other amazing thing is as soon as we walked in the door he was asking me to make cookies with him. Why yes, son, we will. We talked about ingredients and directions while he repeated every single word after me like he knew EXACTLY what we were talking about... and then he worked hard.. Very hard to make his cookies.
It took him a very long time, but he eventually filled the cup of sugar using a tablespoon scooper. After he finished with the first cup he did not want to do the second cup.. yes, it took him that long! :) So, I did it for him. 

Notice his tongue. He is so precise, just like his Daddy-O.

His favorite part was turning the mixer on and off. He loved it. I let him play with that for a long time.. I mean, what was he going to hurt? He loves cooking and I love having him cook with me! 

Using our scooper to scoop out his cookies! He did such a great job. 

I am so blessed to be his Mommy.

My boy loves to do anything hands on with us. I would say he is spoiled... but in a semi-good way. We waited so long to have him that our attention now is focused on him. I have been working very hard lately to be more of a hands free mama... Meaning getting rid of unimportant things when he is awake... getting on the floor and playing with him. 

I would LOVE to hear about things you do with your child??? 

What kinds of things do you do with your toddlers that creates a bond, promotes learning, and is so fun?

-Big Sis
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