Coming to a Close #AprilFitChallenge

This is the last week of our APRIL FIT CHALLENGE!!

It has been wonderful! You can read about the #AprilFitChallenge below:

#AprilFitChallenge Motivation & Startup

Challenge RECAP

So this is the last week of the Challenge, and I am excited because for me, and probably most of the people involved, it will be the most challenging week of all.

Here's why:


Here is the challenge that I sent out to everyone that is signed up.....if you haven't been following along, let me tell you that for the past 3 week I have sent one of these schedules out, with a full workout for each night of the week on here! This week though I decided to send out a blank slate!

To me this is most challenging because I want everyone to fill in the blank from the past three weeks of workouts.  So first, it takes an individual being mentally motivated enough to do it, and push themselves to still get in the gym even though they are creating their own workout, instead of just being handed one.

Then, the other part of the challenge was not only to find a random legs workout, but find the one that has been the HARDEST for you over the month of April.  So for each night this week I challenged everyone to CHALLENGE  themselves by doing the workout that was the hardest for them for each muscle group.  This takes determination, and your own mental have to keep yourself accountable to choose a challenging workout rather than a mediocre or easy one.

So if you still want to join in, here are the last three weeks of challenges!

Weight Training Week 1


Week 3

So there it is...time to CHALLENGE yourself and finish the #AprilFitChallenge strong!


For myself, I can say that I truly have seen a change in my body already! I have noticed and felt my body toning up.  Even last week, I got so busy that I slacked a few nights of the week, but still I have noticed a change, and that my friends....FEELS GOOD! So I encourage you, don't stop here.  Use these workouts all summer long.

I have decided to challenge myself to add these workouts in all throughout the summer, along with my half-full marathon training that I plan to start in May.  I know if I continually partner my weight training workouts with running/cardio, that I WILL SEE A DIFFERENCE in my body, and I cannot wait to show you.

So my challenge for you is DON'T STOP HERE, PUSH YOURSELF AND DO MORE! 

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