Color Run

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Big Sis here.. and I need to admit something... Little Sis is the one that is SO on top of things with this blog. When she left for her Mission Trip she made it so easy for me... I am so blessed to have her. I love writing on here, but I have to be honest and tell you that the person behind all of the hardcore work is her! I am so glad that she doesn't get too mad at me when I forget things... such as... my latest blog post. You see, we have become super organized and we have a calendar that we both have access to and we have put our blogs on there and even color coordinated. I was so proud that I have all of mine on there, because you see, I have a lot to talk about! :) Well... yea, I woke up Saturday morning in a HUGE rush to get out the door for our RACE... and I get a text that says:

"are you going to post about the cookies"
{UHHHH!!! Cookies? Cookies! I am going for a run}
In which I responded...
"I am running late, I don't have time"
At that moment I felt SO bad. I had committed via the calendar to have this blog ready. But I couldn't even remember that. My brain was going every which way about this blog as I was sorting [rather throwing] clean clothes everywhere looking for my Nike shorts. (No, Nike did not as me to say that)... when I receive:
"well is the post ready?"
{UHHHH!!! That is EXACTLY what I was trying to figure out in my head...}
In which I responded....
"I'm sorry...."
"You just posted yesterday..."
{That is my FAVORITE thing to say to Little Sis when she is on my case asking me about my blog write-up.
In all seriousness.. I felt so bad. I did not have time to come to the computer and even check to see if I had finished the blog. I didn't have time to barely do anything. I was running late and we were leaving for San Francisco within the hour... and my little man was still sleeping! My excuse, people, for my crazy head with forgetting blogs, running late, being tired... is:
Life has literally taken me by the hair this past week and just thrown me in circles!! I have been overly exhausted and feel like I just can't catch up. Not to mention the charger to my laptop went CAPLUNK again... sooooo.... I finally napped today with baby boy after church... From 3-545pm... It felt great. However, it is almost 230am here and I am wide awake... writing a blog that should have been posted this morning and sweet sister didn't even ask me about sharing my strange thoughts with you.
But I will tell you all.. we got out of this house in record time with everything we needed, two strollers, three babies, a kiddy potty, and stopped for gas and STILL made it to San Francisco in time to park, get our stuff, and get in the run... We were lucky! :) So.. now on to the reason for this blog...
The San Francisco COLOR RUN!

Daddy fixed little man up with a face.. he asked for a 'stache'..
This stache was the hit of the run.. so many people commented
on it.. who wouldn't? Isn't he adorable?
IF you have not ran one of these- you should. San Fran had two runs on  Saturday. An 8am one and a 1pm one.. We opted for the later one since we live two and a half hours away. It was perfect. There were 1000s of people there.. and I MEAN 1000s... they were letting groups go in waves of 1000 and we were in the 5th wave.. and there were plenty more behind us.
We each got a packet of color for the After Party!
"Happiest 5K on the Planet"
e are thinking the color they throw on your is like corn starch with food coloring. It is so cool. You start a 5K and at different COLOR points, they just throw color all over people so you are literally running through a cloud of color. Everyone wears a white shirt so it can get color all over it. I mean, I knew what I was expecting... but this is not what I expected! :) This was awesome and Great. Little man had an AWESOME time. I don't think it would have been near as fun if he had not been with me.

After we got ORANGE! He loved it!
 We finished our 5K in our Color Run and went in to join the after Party. The kids had a blast.. we let them continue to throw their color on other people, they ate ice-cream, danced... and just had so much fun! They were a mess, as were our strollers, but nothing a little water couldn't cure... and I think the color gives our stroller more character! :)
Throwing his color at people during the after party
It was SO funny... people just coooo'ed over these kids. They asked to take their pictures... and just had a great time loving all over them with high fives, pictures, and talking to them. It was so cute. It felt like we were in Japan and Thailand again! My little blonde haired, blue eyed little lover enjoyed every bit of the attention and ate it up at "his race."
Car Ride Home
Car Ride Home
We were a holy mess after.. but it was so worth it. My little boy LOVES to go running and I LOVE that I am helping to instill this into his being. We are moving on to bigger and better things in August as we prep for our 1/2 marathon, in which he will not run with me, but he will train with me. Starting in August I have told myself that I won't do any 5K Fun Runs (Mud Runs, Color Runs, Foam Runs, etc) unless I complete a 10K as well... so this will push me to do the 10K because I love to have fun!
I love this picture of little boy and I.  We made it. I love that we do this together. I love that this is part of our life. I just love it. I love to know that I am a runner again. I may not be the fastest runner, but I sure am a dedicated runner. I truly believe that running and gardening are the two things that have helped me come to terms and realize that this place that we live... is now home. I don't miss what was before (in regards to  Japan) anymore. I miss my friends but I don't like miss it, miss it. Does that even make sense? There were many nights I would spent just feeling so sorry for myself or even crying... but today I can honestly say I am content... and I have been for a few months now. I know that we are here for a reason.. and I am okay with it. The friends I made in Japan are my forever friends, but not being with them will certainly not have an impact on my outlook on life anymore! :)

I am so blessed for the people, such as this gal above, that God has put in my life here in California. I am not sure if I have EVER met anyone so much like met... and so very different. It is so funny. She pushes me to be a better me and I love that. She teaches me about things I have never even thought of or heard of.. and I love that. God gives us people in our lives for a reason.. and I am so glad that He knows what is best. Sarah is probably the first person, other than my mom and sister, that I have met that is SO much like me and that I do have so much in common with. And when I say that you- you need to understand that we have SOOOO many things that are different about us too.. I am telling you it is so funny! Sarah is a gift from God to me and she will tell me like it is, help me want to be a better wife to my husband, show me what being an awesome mom is about, inspire to me to keep working out, encourage me to keep eating right, let me taste awesome new recipes... and the friend that for some reason we can forget to talk for a few days and still we can carry on. I am so thankful to have her by my side as we go through this journey of life together... God is so good to me.
I have a Mud Run this weekend... with Sarah again. But as far as the Color Run... look it up online, find one near you, and GO DO IT! You will not regret it.
Have you done the Color Run before? What was your thoughts?
-Big Sis
{ending this now because I still have to edit and it is 245am and alarm is set for 545am}

UGH! This was up top.. but I can't get it there anymore..
my little man and me! AFTER!