Coffee Break with Brittany! #AskMeAnything

Welcome!  So let's start by sharing what you are drinking this morning, (or this afternoon/evening), whenever you happen to be reading this post. Either way, since it's a Coffee Break, I sure hope you are drinking something that makes you happy. 

And for me, it's COFFEE! Coffee makes me happy! Do you have questions about fitness or healthy eating? Maybe you are wondering how to balance working out and a busy lifestyle, or questions about going sugar free and making healthy family meals. Join @brittanysuell for the #AskMeAnything Coffee Break and get your questions answered!

 So let's get started. 

First off, thanks to some awesome ladies and followers of mine that suggested this idea a few months ago on my Facebook page!

Secondly, the idea of hosting a Coffee Break with you guys is amazing! I love when good conversation gets started.  This happens a lot through blog comments, or sometimes on a Facebook post. It's really fun to interact with my followers, and for my followers to interact together! I love hearing about things y'all care about and want to learn about and get better at!

So, introducing, the newest addition to the blog: COFFEE BREAK with Brittany!

What is it you ask?

I created this Coffee Break so that there was a place for you to come to ask questions! Anything that has been weighing on your mind. It can be about health and fitness, life in general, cooking healthy for your family, going sugar free, thoughts on working out while prego, being a mom, whatever it may be, I have created the perfect place for you to come and #AskMeAnything!

And, I'm so nice that I have allowed you to reveal your name with your questions, or stay anonymous! But I will say that I would love to know who I'm talking to. I mean if we were at Starbucks having coffee together I would be able to see you, so I would love to at least know your name!

Then each week I will answer/address some of your awesome questions! I might even write entire blog posts regarding some of the questions that I get!

So here's the form, ask away!  

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So today I'm answering this great question from The Fit Dish Link-UP with Jill Conyers & Jessica from The Fit Switch.

The Fit Dish Link-Up

Do You Live In The Moment? 

I would have to say yes! 

When I think about "the moment." I think about the small, every day life kind of moments. Not necessarily some huge life changing moment. 

And for me, I am all about making the every day, the little moments, incredible! 

I love finding LIFE within the mundane. 

I love finding JOY when everything seems the same.

I love having FUN in the midst of nothingness. 

I love to CAPTURE the beauty of every day life. (in memory and via photos)

When I think of living in the moment, I think of quaint coffee shops, I think of small town fun, I think of laughing with friends. I imagine my home like it was today: blinds open with the light streaming in, candles lit and making my home smell fresh, the warm breeze blowing in the screen door, worship music playing on my TV, and my son and I enjoying our wonderful day at home. 

I love to soak in the sweetness of life. 

I love to get out and have fun, and find adventure when it seems there is none. 

(Sometimes I even think my husband thinks I'm silly when it comes to this, but it makes our life fun, and I love it!) 

So when asked if I live in the moment, these are the things that come to mind, and my answer is YES!