Mommy Series- GIVEAWAY

MommySeriesaug7If you are a friend of mine on Facebook or real life you know that I 100% cloth diaper my baby girl. I love cloth diapering. It makes me happy and makes me feel so domesticated.. Haha! I am so excited that I was given the chance to review some Cloth Diaper Wipes! When I had my son I did make my own wipes, but they were using paper towels. Well since then, and in the past two  years, I have stopped buying paper towels all together... we don't use them in our home. So, I needed some way to save money {even more} and this seemed like the logical next step.

I was so excited when Homemade on the Homefront agreed to do a giveaway for you guys in exchange for a review. I tried to do all of this with my son, but since I was teaching school it was too hard... and I didn't expect someone else to cloth diaper/wipe him. It is really gross to a lot of  people... but in reality it is only natural and we are saving the world while we are doing it.


So what do I like about the cloth wipes?

~I am saving money! You know we all love to save money.. and sure, those wipes might not be THAT expensive... but they do add up.

~I am saving the environment! Less trash being thrown out from my home! Less trash going into the land fills.

~My girls hiney! I am glad I know what is going on  her hiney and not chemicals that I don't know much, if anything about. I really feel that her hiney is doing so much better using the wipes. She has more sensitive skin than my boy had as a baby... and since I started cloth wiping her, I haven't had any issues.

~Essential Oils! I love that I can put lavender essential oil in my mix that goes on her cloths to clean her hiney... it gives her such a clean, sweet smell and relaxes her little body at the same time.

~More convenient! It is so much more convenient for me to throw her wipes right in the pail with her cloth diapers... the store bought wipes are actually so much more annoying to have to throw in the trash.. now I can just put it all in the same place until I wash them!


What do I like about Homemade on the Homefronts Wipes?

~They are the perfect size... a little sqaure and they fit perfect in my new wipe container.

~They are cute.. they aren't plain jane. Should this matter? Nah. And it really does not. But everyone loves cute stuff, right?

~After they wash, they are still the same. I have used these and washed and dried them multiple times and they are still in great shape. I was concerned that they would begin to unravel or something, but they aren't.. they are in great condition.

~They didn't shrink. I was really worried they would shrink after drying. I am not air drying right now because I haven't set anything up in our new place... but they haven't shrunk, just  like new.


You should really check out Homemade on the Homefronts FACEBOOK PAGE. She has some really great stuff and is always coming out with new items. I LOVE supporting small businesses and REALLY LOVE supporting them when they are a fellow military wife! Go check her out.


I am SO excited about this Giveaway and perhaps it is my love of cloth diapering. Seriously-- even if you don't cloth diaper, you should give this a try. She has graciously offered to give ONE of you a dozen cloth wipes with fabric of your choice! I can't wait to see who wins and hear about your adventures with cloth wipes.


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