Cloth Diapering-Our First Time

Well my babe is 8 Weeks old today, and we just put on our first cloth diaper. And let me just tell you, they are CUTE!!



So if you are wondering WHY I am using cloth diapers, let me tell you a few reasons:

-They are so much cuter than disposables

-They are much cheaper than paying for disposable diapers (see blog posts referenced below)

-I don't run in to the inconvenience of having to rush to the store to buy more

These are my main reasons, although the cute factor is not my top. Really it is the money that you save.  I know the initial investment of cloth is expensive.  I am using Bum Genius Diapers, some pocket, some all-in-one, and those are about $20 per diaper.  Seems like a lot I know, but in the end, you save.  These should last until he is potty-trained because they grow with him.  And if I take care of them, they should last into our next children as well!

Here's my stash!


(I have about 25 diapers and am about to get a few more from a friend, so will have a little over 30.  They say you should have at least 24 in order to only do laundry 2-3 times a week.  I went the route of buying all brand new.  Some people go cheaper and get used.  I know I will want to use these for my other kids, so I invested a lot at the beginning and hope they will last for years!)

Here's a couple of things I'm not looking forward to about using cloth:

-MORE laundry!

-the smell in my diaper pail

-the fact that my son will grow out of clothes quicker because a cloth diaper bum is so much bigger than disposable (if you use CD's then you know what I mean)

But for the record, kids who wear cloth diapers are supposed to get less diaper rashes, so that's great.  & he wore it all night last night and we had no leaking!


I will definitely continue to update you all on our Cloth Diapering Journey. & give you the down low of exactly how I do it...once I get into a routine!


So if this post intrigues you, and you want to know about how much CDing can save, check out these posts.  These were some bloggers that convinced me with their research!

What You Need for Cloth Diapering

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Enjoy! And I would love to hear from some of you!

Does the thought of Cloth Diapering FREAK YOU OUT!?!?

Have you thought about doing CDers? 

Do you currently use CDs?

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