CLICK Expresso Protein Drink--Review & GIVEAWAY

First off wanted to share the Zip Fizz WINNER!!
Congrats to: Jennifer Kennedy Davis
Now, I am so excited to share our newest Giveaway with you! 
You may have heard about Click Expresso Protein Drink, but when I heard about it I went crazy, and when they offered us to review it, I went even crazier! Plus the review was a full container of it which was awesome! 
Why do I love Click Expresso Protein? 
Duh, it tastes like COFFEE!!! & I LOVE COFFEE! :-) 
Plus it's protein which is great for meal replacement shakes, pre/post workout drinks, etc.  
The CLICK Espresso Protein Drink line of drinks, featuring mocha, vanilla latte and Mocha Decaf, are designed to help curb food cravings, give a boost of energy, and support the body before and after workouts in a single 12 ounce serving.
It's great, I actually have tried the mocha flavor, which was great, but very strong coffee flavor, and since I am not strong enough to drink black coffee, it was almost too strong for me.  But when I got my review Click, it was the Vanilla Latte is amazing! Plus it really does give you energy.  I love drinking coffee before running, and with this I can use Click as a coffee replacement and get the energy but it is also better for me than plain coffee, and adds some good healthy protein.  
Plus you can make Click in multiple ways.  As a smoothie with fruit, as a frappe with milk and ice, as just a drink mixed with milk or water, or you can even drink Click hot, like you would with normal coffee! Those are some great choices!! 
So who wants to win some Click for themselves!?? 
All you have to do is enter below in the Rafflecopter! 
Thanks so much for joining us for our Wednesday Giveaway!