My Choice

Hello! Hello!!

I have been working pretty hard to get where I want to be since the beginning of the year! I have been doing well. NOT as well as I could be.. but well. As you know, I joined a 6 month Diet Bet and today started the 3rd month of that. I am determined to make this next month be the best one yet! I am making MY CHOICE to NOT be discouraged. I am having to play with my diet to figure out what works best for my body…

The husband and I just started Week 3 of Beachbody's BODY BEAST! I am loving SO much doing this with him. We wake at 530am each morning and do our workout. It has been great. I am more motivated in the working out department than I have been in a while. I realized today that this month is 2 years now that I took hold of my life again… It took me 2 years after having my son to get on track and I was determined to not let that happen after having my daughter. Like most, I live in a daily struggle with weightless.. but I refuse to let it win! IT WON'T Beat Me!

I go to the gym to get my cardio in and I have become in love with it again. My results are not coming quite as fast as I would like… but they are coming. I am for sure noticing that I am becoming stronger and I love it! We are taking pictures and I hope to feel comfortable enough with you to share them in the coming months!

What is your favorite exercise? What exercise do you think helped you get to your weightless goals quicker?