Children Not Expected to Outlive Their Parents

Okay, so maybe I've been focussing on this No Sugar thing quite a bit lately....but with great reason I might add! I have shared so many times why LEAVING A HEALTHY AND ACTIVE LIFESTYLE LEGACY is important to me, and why it should be important to you as well!   Children are not expected to outlive their parents. This is not okay! Let's take a stand! Make the choice to be different, fight against the lazy, fast food epidemic and choose a healthy and active lifestyle for yourself and the next generation. via @brittanysuell

Recently I listened to a nutritionist speak at a local event and she mentioned that this generation of children...(my child falls into this category), are not expected to outlive their parents!!


WHAT?? This shocked me and stuck with me. So I had to do some research on it. 

And now, I'm here to report to you what I've discovered. These things seem shocking, but then again, when you look around at our world, observing how people look, the eating habits we have, or even the way parents are feeding their children. When you notice the decrease of activity in children, even the laziness and lack of work ethic seen in children and teenagers is signs of this, and when you look at these then the findings of my research really aren't that shocking at all. 

 When you become a parent, taking care of your child, providing them with the best possible lifestyle for most parents is top priority! So why is it that as time goes on, we have diminished and neglected, the health and nutrition for our children. I'm not just pointing fingers at parents here either, but at the food industry and our nation as a whole. 

" 'We have figured out ways of farming our fields without having to put in human labour, the same in factories where everything is done for us by robots. In the home, we have gadgets to do almost everything.' " (-Professor Andrew Prentice, a leading nutritionist)

"Over the past few decades, modern agriculture has not only made food more abundant, but also fast and cheap.  In fact, fast food is available to us twenty-four hours of the day. Using both science and technology, the food industry has been busy; developing strategies that enhance the taste of their products, thus boosting sales. Artificially concentrated flavors along with added fats, sugar, and salt have purposefully been added to"seduce our taste buds." The majority of processed and refined foods contain these super concentrated flavors that affect the taste, aroma, texture and appearance of these foods.  These manipulated flavors stimulate our brain's pleasure center, causing us to crave the artificial (hyper-palatable) intense flavors over the natural flavors in whole, unprocessed foods."  (-Linda Carney, MD)

Now, let's just put it like it is. With living in such a busy and fast paced world, it's easy to get stuck in the fast food routine. Even if you are cooking at home, it takes more time to cook things from scratch rather than out easy five minute dinner boxes, or frozen foods. We are all guilty of taking the easy way out. And over the past 4months, through my no sugar journey, I have spent countless hours in the kitchen trying new recipes, and have realized how much time it really does take to cook healthy, real foods. Not to mention the added hours I have put into my grocery shopping to make sure I'm getting good foods at the best deal. (Gotta stay within that budget!) 

Isn't it worth it though! Even at the end of that second quote it addresses what I have focussed on throughout my no sugar journey, and especially in my first podcast. Sugar is addictive, and our American foods are full of sugar.  Even the over use of gluten, which has led to so many gluten intolerances these days. We crave that fluffy bread, so we don't even like a gluten free pastry, or know what it would be like to have one with a normal amount of gluten in it. The food industry does this to keep us coming back. 

The problem is, we are all guilty of choosing the quick, easy, and money-making solutions. But aren't our lives, and the lives of our children more important than that? 

" 'The poor dietary habits of today's children are contributing to their obesity, chronic illness, and ill-health. It is also laying a foundation for poor academic performance, chronic disease later in life, violent behavior, and premature death.' ....'Because of the increasing rates of obesity, unhealthy eating habits and physical inactivity, we may see the first generation that will be less healthy and have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.' "  (-Dr. Fuhrman)

"Parents could soon begin to outlive their children because of an epidemic of obesity afflicting the younger generation. Many youngsters are now so grossly overweight they face premature death caused by a heart attack or stroke. The impending health disaster is blamed on the rise of aggressively-marketed, fat-laden fast food and couch potato lifestyles." (James Chapman)

It is sad to say, but we are all heading down a dangerous path, and taking our innocent children down it with us. And even more sad, some parents just aren't aware and don't know! 

This is why LIVING A LIFESTYLE that radiates being HEALTHY AND ACTIVE is so important to me.

I have made it my responsibility to start my children off right. To create a foundation of making healthy choices, being active and showing them that exercise, and fitness is fun and good for us. 

I have also made it my responsibility to share the #LeaveYourLegacy Lifestyle with others! To help others catch the passion of being healthy and active for the sake of themselves, their family's, and those around them. I want to have an impact on others, and help them make changes that will affect generations to come! 

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