Changes are Comin'

Do you like change??? Change is a comin' in Big Sis' house and I am sad, excited, unsure, eager... all of the emotions one can feel. Sometimes I like change... other times I hate change. 
We found out about five weeks ago that my husband is changing careers. This really stumps a lot of people and they don't understand how they can just make him do this.. and this is how I have explained it... Of course this is just a little wife, who doesn't really understand the process, explaining it... 
My husband is in the AIR FORCE. So in the grand scheme of things, AIR FORCE is his job... but they are cross training him to a different job in the AF. So it just under the umbrella of AF. At first we were really upset... but what do you do? Be upset or find the good in it? What would you do? He isn't losing retirement, pay, benefits... It is going to be a little more work because he has to learn a different career after being a firefighter for the past ten years, we are most likely going to have to begin the process of moving again after only being here a year... BUT! God is good. He will provide.. and we both have such a peace about this. Along with this .. things are changing. 
So, what will change?
-Daddy will have a new job.
-Daddy's job will move us somewhere for training for a year.
-Then Daddy's job will take us to our new home.
-Mommy will no longer run an in-home daycare.
-Mommy will spend the year while Daddy is in school... with the toddler.
-Life will be grand.
What about the bigger changes? 
(All this is assuming that things are going how we think they are going.. which could totally not be the case)
-We have to rent our house out.. Stressful! Tips on that anyone?
-We will be purchasing an RV and living in an RV for the year of Daddy's school.
-We will be in Texas, 90 minutes from Lil Sis.. 6 hours from HOME!
-Mommy is starting school again to become a Real Estate Agent in Texas. (odd.. teacher gone realtor)
-Maybe Baby#2??
So many changes.. but they are okay! California has never felt completely like home to me... though I was just getting into my groove here when this news came up. Now if we stay, I will be heart broken. 
The main thing I love about California can be list on five fingers:
-My Family.
-My Garden.
-My House.
-The Beautiful Weather. 
-The races that are so close and ALL the time.
With all of that said.. please say a prayer that yes, indeed, all things work out and I am able to live in Texas for the next year.. so close to Baby Sis. We have so many exciting things going on with our blog and lives together.. it would be fantastic if the Lord allowed us that sweet time together.. and even better if we could get pregnant together... just sayin'... 
Until Later, Friends.
Good night, Sweet dreams, We love you. 
-Big Sis