Celebrating 1 Year for the SUGAR FREE ACADEMY!

It's time for a SALEbration!!! The 21 Day Sugar Free Academy is officially 1 year old! 

You guys! Last year, I had a dream to help others! I had a desire to share the freedom from food, the joy in my body, the new found energy and focus, and so much more with others! 

I began a new lifestyle in 2015, and after a year of living it, I had to share it with others! That's why I created the 21 DAY SUGAR FREE ACADEMY!


Since then, I have helped hundreds of men and women change their lives!

From giving up sugar completely:
" Today marks 365 DAYS SUGAR FREE!!!!!!!!!!When I started this journey, I was afraid Robert would divorce me because we both LOVE sugary sweets so very much. He didn't! I can't believe I achieved this...I always thought this to be impossible for me, but it was SO easy thanks to Brittany Suell and all her coaching! " -Abbey Ortiz  

To eating better, and finally giving up that bad habit you just couldn't kick: 
"I am still working on eating good, but I finally have given up drinking Dr. Pepper!" -Aaron Laughlin (paraphrased)

Even to seeing entire families changed: 
" It was a complete 180 for my family and me.... We (as a family) lost a total of 48 lbs 4 weeks in. Today, we have lost a collective 67 lbs and are incorporating exercise and physical family activities. We are happier, healthier and more confident. We know that this is our life now and it isnt even difficult. It is and has been wonderful." -Amanda Head

So today, to celebrate the 21 Day Sugar Free Academy and all that it has done to help others, I'm offering a FLASH SALE!

Now in a downloadable, self-led form, the academy still offers:

  • 15+ training videos
  • exclusive recipes
  • tools and printables
  • a discount for my cookbook
  • BRAND NEW: a lifetime membership to our Graduates Facebook Group!

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? Get the 21 Day Sugar Free Academy now, and do it at your pace, when you have time!

Now, through March 31st ONLY $65!