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Naturally-Nifty Party #1

Before we get to the exciting news about our first ever Linky Party....
I wanted to share a few of my favorite Pinterest ideas with you! 
If I haven't told you already, I love the colors yellow and gray, and I get so excited and inspired by all the great projects that use this color combination.  So I am going to share some of my top Pinterest picks from my Board: Yellow & Gray
 I love the entire look of this room. With all the different patterns, on the bed pillows, to the rug and stool.   It is so daring to me, but also works so well together.
Along with yellow & gray, I love trees, so this explains why I love this piece of art.

This chair is so great! I would never think to use these two different patterns together, but it really looks great!  

I am so inspired by this piece! I love the idea of using yellow and gray (with giraffes) in a baby room.  This might finally be my chance to have this color scheme in my house.  I think the next room I will be redoing will be when we decide to have kids, so this is definitely in my future!  

They took the yellow & gray color scheme to a whole different level and I LOVE IT! It is such a bold statement on the outside of their home and it looks so classy to me! 

Love the wedding colors...this works so well together! 

Then of course I love this look on the outdoor furniture! Especially because it is my pin.  This is the furniture that my husband and I made together from scratch. You can read more about it HERE. 
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NOW....for the Naturally-Nifty Party #1! 

So us sisters over at Natural-Nesters have finally gotten our very first Linky Party together! And we want to invite each one of you to take part in it!! 
We are so excited to introduce Naturally-Nifty to you! We want this to be a place where everyone can come and share their newest or oldest nifty ideas.  Whether it is a great recipe, a craft you did at home, DIY projects, home decor, or children's projects! We want to see it all! 

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You can post as many links as you want. And next week we will feature some of our favorite projects/ideas! 
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We can't wait to see your nifty ideas and accomplishments! 

Inspired by Yellow & Gray

In case you didn't know...I love the colors Yellow & Gray together! They make me so happy! I think they are so classy and just work well! 
After moving into our new home in August I really wanted to redo my room in yellow and gray.  Right now it has a blue and brown pattern.  Then I realized it was too early in our marriage to redo our room....since we had only recently been married, all of our bedding and decorations were pretty much new.  So I had to put aside my desire to have a yellow and gray themed room for a while.  
Instead, I chose to put those colors into another project! At our new house we had a Pergola in the corner of our backyard and we saw so much potential for it! Starting with patio furniture.  My husband and I decided we wanted to build our own furniture. Meaning, he builds the couch and chair, and I sew pillows and cushions.  
I got a sewing machine and learned how to use it back in April or May of 2011, and through the summer I sewed some pretty generic long skirts to take on our trip to Africa. So I had a little practice doing it, and I knew pillows weren't too I'm a very ambitious person, so I had full confidence that I could do this project and it turn out great! The problem is, sometimes I think it will be great but it actually turns out pretty mediocre, so in the back of my mind I was a little afraid of that. 
Anyways, I took the first step and went to Hancock's Fabric to scope out what I wanted.  After about three trips I finally made a buy.  I was going to buy outdoor material, but found some on clearance (which saved a ton of money) and decided to coat it with scotch guard after I was finished.  I ended up saving over $100 on all of the materials because of the deals that I got.  Later I went back and got the pre-made cushion foam for all 4 cushions and 4 pillows.  I also got a deal on those during a holiday sale, saving even more money.  You can read more about my first endeavors on this blog, Crafting is Consuming My Life & I Love It!  
As I said before I am very ambitious, so realizing these pillows would probably get dirty, I understood that it would be smart to make the cases removable so that they could be I decided to put zippers on them.  So using You Tube videos, I learned to sew zippers and they turned out fabulously! If you want to know more about the videos I watched just ask me in the comments below! 
All was well with the pillows, then came the cushions and I realized what a challenge they would be since they were actually box like, meaning I had to sew the sides on them.  NOT quite as easy as the pillows, I went back to You Tube and watched a lot of videos with tips helping me.  Finally I dove in and they turned out pretty great! It definitely wasn't a project that I looked at and felt mediocre joy! When I see my furniture sitting outside in my backyard, I am filled with joy and pride at the job that my husband and I did! I cannot believe we were able to do that! 

Now I pretty much feel like I can do anything!! Can't wait for more projects in 2012! 
Shoutout to my husband! He did a wonderful job making the couch and chair.  He made that from raw wood, no furniture kit used at all! He did a wonderful job and finished his part of the project an entire month before I finished mine. Thanks babe, I am so proud of us! 
Check Out my inspired Yellow & Gray pinboard here! 
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