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40lbs Down, 1 Month Post Baby

Well my little man is 1 month old already, and I am slowly but surely seeing this weight drop! Actually it's going pretty fast, but that's probably because I gained 65-70lbs during this pregnancy!

That seems so crazy to me, so much weight to gain, but I am officially 40lbs down, and have about 25-30lbs more to lose! And I am quite encouraged with the fact that I haven't even started working out yet, so hopefully once I start working out then I really continue to see the results.1532130_734587969927111_1578367399037048371_n

  I have been very aware of what I am eating though, and counting calories using the app My Fitness Pal, (which is awesome by the way! It links with my FitBit so that is a lot of fun, and helpful!) Along with eating well, I have also been going on a lot of walks! Either I go in the evening with my husband, or me and my other mommy friends go together! Both is a lot of fun... I either get good time with my friends, or a nice family outing....I am actually really enjoying walking! Although I am super ready to start running.


Next wednesday will be my 6 weeks mark, so I think I will start doing some light workouts.  I plan to start with the Beach Body T25 workouts, since they are 25minutes, I thought they would be a good starting point.  Along with that I also plan on starting to run.  Slowly but surely I know, but I am excited! I am hoping to run a "Firecracker 4 Miler" on the 4th of July in my hometown.  That is my first running goal, then we will go from there.

And I couldn't give you an update on my weightless progress without showing you a little sneak peek of my adorable man on his 1 month day! Isn't he darling!! I made that bow tie for him! Actually, I am selling Father-Son bow ties in my Etsy Store, if you are interested! Perfect gift for Father's Day!


Also, I wanted to let y'all know I am doing this awesome Twitter Challenge for the next month with Lorna Jane & Fit Approach! It's called #ShareSomethingInspiring, so the entire month we are tweeting and writing about things that inspire us! Obviously the first day I talked about my sweet son, and probably will more, because you all know how important it is to both me and big sis to be healthy for our families! Our big goal is to be healthy and fit and to teach our families to be the same! Anyways, follow along on Twitter and GET INSPIRED!! #SweatPink

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Under Armour "What's Beautiful" Challenge

under armour what's beautiful challenge

I recently started the Under Armour "What's Beautiful" Challenge! I am so excited to be a part of something so fun, challenging, and encouraging!

Here's how it works: Under Armour is basically challenging female athletes to set goals, and accomplish those goals! The What's Beautiful website is a place for women to interact with one another and record their journey as they overcome obstacles!!

The goal that I have created for myself is to be able to do a handstand without using the wall! If you have been following me on the blog or via instagram you know that for the past few months I have been challenging myself with lot's of yoga and handstands! I have definitely seen growth, but I want to DO MORE!

Here's a small portion of the some of the challenges I have accomplished!

under armour what's beautiful challenge

Last night I hit a major milestone! Although it was only a headstand, I still was brave enough and able to hold my headstand with no wall in sight!


I was so proud of this!! A storm was rolling in and the sky was beautiful!!

Come check out my Under Armour "What's Beautiful" Challenge profile and cheer me on! You might even decide to create your own goal!!

Also follow me on Instagram! I'd love to follow you back and inspire one another!


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Why do you run!?!?

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Run Disney Expo

Today we are starting out by telling you about the Run Disney Princess Half Marathon Expo!

Don't worry though, in the days to come we will each be sharing our own experience with the Disney Princess Half Marathon! Plus we will have a guest post from our mom, sharing about her first ever half marathon!


First off, the Expo overall was pretty cool! You go there and get all your necessities for the race: check-in, get your bib, pick up your running pack which includes your shirt (which was great by the way!), race day instructions, some other freebies, and the bag that you use to check-in on race day if you have stuff with you. So in that way, it was pretty functional.


Then along with that, there are some awesome companies there! Some I have heard of and some I had not.  I mean honestly, you could've taken nothing to Florida with you and gotten everything you need for the race.  All necessities, from your socks & shoes, to your head bands, and you had multiple options!


One really awesome and new product that we saw was called the Handana! This was one of the products that I was most impressed with. It's a different style of a sweatband that a lady created! I think I enjoyed this because it is such an easy and unique invention and I would love to create something great like this as a Naturally Fit Sisters product! Anyways, I am definitely going to contact her and see about doing a review and giveaway for the blog ;-)


Then of course they had the Run Disney/New Balance shoes! These are the women's, Minnie Mouse shoes! So many people were at the New Balance booth trying them on! It was great, and if I needed shoes I may have bought some myself.  They are super cute, plus they are Run Disney shoes!


Of course the Expo had some pretty cool stuff going on as well.  If we didn't have Disney Parks to go to, it would have been fun to spend more of our day there.  They had speakers like Jeff Galloway, (see below)....the Run Disney Training Coach speaking and giving tips.  Also Ali Vincent, the first female winner of biggest loser spoke! It would have been great to sit and listen to all of their good tips, but we had Magic Kingdom on the agenda for the day.  Maybe is I was able to continue doing Disney races, and went there a lot, then I would stay to listen to the speakers instead of going to the park!


Along with all this, there were other frustrating things that Big Sis highlights below, like the line to get our goodie bag, and the line to the Run Disney store.  I was really sad because I wanted a Disney Princess Half coffee cup so bad! And the line was TOO long, and like I said we were heading to Magic Kingdom that day....so I didn't wait in line.  Anyways, there were some very annoying things about the expo, but Big Sis highlights those below.  And just for the record, although overall I enjoyed the expo, I was just as annoyed with a few of those things as Big Sis.   IMG_9292

little signautres

Expo Fun Chaos from Big Sis

Disclaimer: Let's just be clear that my post won't be near as exciting as Little Sis'... Please keep in mind I have just finished 7 full months of pregnancy AND had a very excited 3 year old with me. 

I was really excited to go to the EXPO. The last EXPO I remember attending was during my first 1/2 at the Little Rock, Arkansas Rock and Roll in 2008. Little Sis had me pretty excited to check this one out and I was ready to get our bib and goodies. We loaded up after breakfast and headed to the EXPO with three kids and five adults. When we got there it had only just opened and there was SUCH a long line outside. I was thinking "OH MY GOSH!!!!" But I was so glad to see that the line went rather quickly to get inside the building.


We had the chance to get a picture at the start or go get our race essentials..... we decided to go get our bib! I really liked the set up of the bib pick up. By looking on the waiver that you had to have you were able to line up in the correct line- according to your bib. I was really glad to see that they had them separated very well... and I only had to stand behind 5 people. All it took was a little snack of goldfish and my boy was content. I waited less than 10 minutes and was able to pick up my bib... and they informed me we would need to go to the other side of the building to get our goody bag.....

So I met back up with mom and sis and our two friends... and we decided to venture out. It only took about 5 minutes looking around when we decided to split with our friends and meet back up at a later time. We had decided that we would walk up and down the aisles and see what there was until we made our way to the other side for our goody bag. I was NOT as excited about any of this as my mom and sister, I can't lie. BUT again, I am so very pregnant AND my toddler doesn't like being confined in his stroller... so that plus all the people = MAD HOUSE TO ME. If you wonder why there are so few pictures of me, if you follow on FB, it is because I constantly got out of it... :) While making it down the first aisle we saw some great vendors- some of which we know and some we don't, as Little Sis stated. We got to the Chaquita Banana Stand where we could do a game and I let my little one play too... he enjoyed that and he won a prize!! :) As we turned the corner I thought someone had something from their goody bag that they were using at a vendor booth, so I suggested we go ahead and get our goody bags and then continue going down the aisle.....


There were SO many people and it was so unorganized that it actually saddened me. NOT the amount of people so much as the un-organization. Mom and Sister went and stood in line to get their goody bags. You stood in line with your size shirt you ordered... I had given mine to mom and I stood off to the side with my son. Mind you at this time he has HAD ENOUGH. He wanted out and wanted to play. There were so many people there. I can't even begin to pretend like I know how long we stood there and all of that, but it was a long time. I heard so many people complaining and I won't lie again- that it put a pretty bad taste in my mouth about what was to come. I have read and heard so many great things about this race.. that to see the chaos just scared me on how the rest would be. Maybe if I had not been able to experience another expo before this one, I would not have had expectations. I wish they had had it organized like bib pick up, perhaps it would not have been so chaotic?


I was so sad that the RunDisney Store had a mile long line. There was NO way I was going to wait in that line with my son. Perhaps if I was just with mom and sister... but I wasn't.. and would not even attempt that. I was ALREADY so stressed out. It was certainly NOT kid friendly... though I did see a family there with triplets- more power to them! I really wanted a nice RunDisney shirt or a I Did It shirt, but I refused to stand in that line!! I did not want anything THAT BAD! :)

After moma and sister so GRACIOUSLY stood in line for their stuff AND MINE, it was time to continue on. By this time, I was SO over it! SOOOO over it! :) I hate my pregnant attitude when I am over something! Sister and Mom were SO excited to look around, I sure hated taking their joy. But we did manage to look around and enjoy it... :) I enjoyed seeing/hearing Jeff Galloway and Ali Vincent... but when it was time to go- there was NOTHING sad to me.

As far as the goody bag we got a pink mesh bag, an awesome purple race shirt, a tattoo, a Princess pin, and a bar or two. It wasn't a bad goody bag... but for the price we paid for the race, I would have thought there would be more in there! But I do love the shirt and can't wait until I am not SO pregnant and can wear it and feel okay in it. I still wore it, but can't wait until it fits me better for sure!


All Packed and Ready to Go!

Just a quick update for everyone!! I, Little Sis am all packed and ready to go to Florida!!

We have been prepping for this weekend since way back in September, and Big Sis has been planning even before that!

Now that the time is here, I am ready to meet my sis and mom, and ready to Run Disney! #RunDisney #PrincessHalf

I want so badly to update you all throughout the weekend and will surely try, but if I can't post here, be sure to follow all of our social media links!!

You can find those here:


Anyways, I will definitely be tweeting, Instagraming, and posting on Facebook all weekend!

Also, I may even try using the new app VINE some too! If you don't know about that, it is a new app put out by Twitter.  It is similar to Instagram, but instead of photos, you upload short videos.  Anyways, I may being giving that a whirl this weekend as well, I'm sure there will be plenty video worthy moments!! So download the APP and follow us @Naturally Sisters!

Here's what the app looks like!


Can't wait to share all the fun of this weekend with you all!!

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Giveaway Day 3-Pink


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Speaking of Giveaways, don't miss out on all the Giveaways we are hosting this week to celebrate hitting 1,000 facebook followers! There is still plenty of time to enter in all of our Giveaways, and we still have several more awesome prizes to reveal this week!

So let's get started with what one lucky winner is going to get today!

Today we are giving away more of a girlie prize....and there are two very special things about these prizes....they are all given from Texas Women, and they are all PINK!! Who doesn't love that!

Here's what we've got!

First,  Kelley Grant from Corpus Christi, Texas is a work at home mom who enjoys crafting, cooking and avoiding housework. She tries to make every day count and spends way too much time making her kids laugh. Kelley is giving one lucky blog or business owner a medium ad space on her page! This is an awesome way to connect with another blogger and get new readers/followers to see you!

Kelley blogs over at The Grant Life

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 12.17.48 AM

Our second giveaway host is Shirley Gage from Paris, Texas.  Shirley is giving away a fun set of Paparazzi jewelry!


Here's some more about Shirley and her business...

"I started selling Paparazzi Accessories in October 2012 after my niece did a party at my house. From the moment I saw the jewelry I knew everyone would just love it. The quality and bright colors are so amazing. I can do house parties, basket parties, online parties and events. The best thing is the jewelry and accessories are all affordable and nothing is over $5.00. I also have little girls jewelry. So if you are looking for a beautiful piece of jewelry at a affordable price please let me know. (Contact me HERE)"

The last part of this giveaway comes from ME in Abilene, Texas! I am the Little Sis of Naturally Sisters and want to share some Pink Love today and encourage our readers to Sweat Pink! Big Sis & I are both part of an awesome community called the Sweat Pink Ambassadors where we encourage and support one another through fitness and healthy living, and encourage those around us to "Sweat Pink and Kick Butt While Doing It!" Oh, so I am giving away a fun pair of Sweat Pink Shoelaces!!

cupcake sweat-pink-shoelaces-free









So today 1 Lucky Winner will get all three of these prizes!!!

Just enter the rafflecopter below!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway