sewn skirt

Men's Shirt turned to adorable SKIRT!

So I'm sure you may have seen this little craft on Pinterest, but I was so pleased with my skirt that I had to share my experience of taking my husband's dress shirt and turning it into a stylish skirt with you. 
Don't be fooled though, I tried another shirt that I had bought at Goodwill and HATED it! 
So this is actually my second try and I changed up a lot of things.  
This is not a full tutorial, but if you have questions just let me know.  
Basically though, I just cut below the arms of the shirt, and used the arms to make a little waste belt that I tied into a bow.  I wanted to keep the pocket, although I won't use it, so I cut very high. Also I cut the bottom to make it straight across, because on the first one I made I didn't like how it did the little swoop down like dress shirts are made! 
Anyways, what do you think? I really love it and love how it paired up with my lace shirt! (BTW I love lace) 
And I showed my husband some pics of the wonderful fashion blogger/vlogger Carah Amelie whom I follow and told him to take pictures of me like hers! haha
He did a fantastic job! For real, I feel like an official fashion blogger :-) 
Except at the bottom I got tired of posing and "not fully smiling" and threw my hands up and told him to take one of me being me!! haha
It was a fun new experience! 

(BTW if you are wondering, I used a curling wand on my hair! My mom recently gave it to me and I love it! It can make your hair look very formally curled or very naturally curled...anyways, I love the wavy look that it can do! So as a non-official product review I say go buy one! :-) 


See what I mean! HAHA I just needed to smile big!! :-) 

(love this one) 

(And he was so artsy with this pic! My husband is a wonderful photographer!)
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