My Latest Running Fuel Additions!


Alright! Here I am again, 2 weeks pre-HALF MARATHON!  This time, there is no chance of ice interfering, so if all goes well, I will for sure be running in the Big D Half Marathon in Dallas, TX. on Sunday, April 12th, with my husband! (Is anyone else running this? Let me know!!) 

I am officially getting a tad bit jittery! I was running today and had that thought....."Why the heck did I sign up for this again." Even though I ran 10miles last weekend, the thought of running a race, the pressure of completing the 13.1 (although I am fully capable), is a tad scary and overwhelming! I know it will be great though! 

Plus, I am so excited to be doing this with my husband! 

Now, prior to the February Half Marathon that I ran was supposed to run, I shared about how I was fueling my run! Well, since then, I've added three more items to my list, so I thought in celebrating the upcoming race I would share those with you! 

The newest additions to my Running FUEL list! Must-Haves for a successful, nutritious run! via @brittanysuell

1) Water!! Since it has gotten a lot hotter in Texas, I am running with water these days! Today it was in the mid-80's, and I needed my water big time to finish my race. So I will be utilizing my SPI Belt Water Bottle (you can snag one of those HERE in my online store), and/or the stations during this race! 

It's Summer, and the SPI Belt Water Bottle is keeping me fueled during these hot runs! via @brittanysuell

2) I have found my newest favorite mid-race fuel!! I picked up a Honey Stinger Waffle at our local Natural Grocers, it was actually a gift for my husband, but I snagged it and tried it out during a 10mile run. WOWza! That thing was amazing! And NO SUGAR! Which is great for me, since I've Cut Sugar in 2015! Plus  they are organic, and my word if I didn't have self-control, I would buy enough to enjoy one a day as my dessert! Yes, they are that good! 

Now I've only tried the Gingersnap Flavor, but I'm just telling you, this is the only one I need to try! This made me start brainstorming on how I could make homemade, sugar free gingersnap you never know, I may have a recipe for you coming soon! 

My newest mid-run fuel! It tastes like a dessert! Plus it's organic and sugar free! @honeystinger @brittanysuell 

3) Compression! 

Using @BioSkin Compression to help fuel my half-marathon training! I am loving how it is enhancing my runs! @brittanysuell

I have started using Bio Skin Calf Skin Compression Sleeves to fuel my long runs, and I am loving how it is enhancing training! 

Now let me just tell you, if you are looking for something to compress the muscles. Whether to enhance your training, to help with sore or painful muscles (or shin splints), this stuff has some incredible compressing power! I seriously wish I could've videoed the night we first received these. My husband and I both tried one on, and he seriously thought it was stuck on his leg/foot. He does have a size 15 foot though! It was the funniest thing ever...we just laughed and laughed!  Since then though, we have both been training with Bio Skin, and loving it! 

Plus the material is incredible. Makes total sense why it is called Bio SKIN...since the material is sleek, and skin-like. And it definitely is not moving, no matter what kind of activity you are doing, so it feels like it's part of you, not like you are wearing some addition. 

Even now, with the temperatures increasing, I thought about not wearing them, because it was just adding a layer to me, when I was already sweating. Then I remembered that it's part of the "technology" that Bio Skin is made with, to wick the sweat, and activate a cooling sensation, which it does. Crazy how it works like that! I didn't even notice or feel like my legs were extra hot while running. 

Using @BioSkin Compression to help fuel my half-marathon training! I am loving how it is enhancing my runs! @brittanysuell

During my run, the compression seems to hold my calf muscles in, and just makes me feel more stable, secure, and stronger in my legs throughout the run. (Even when I get to where my legs usually feel like jello!)

Post runs, these things feel incredible! I would actually love to wear Bio Skin leggings (no such thing as of now), but covering with compression over your tired, sore muscles feels like you are getting a massage. Well kind of....definitely the next best thing to a sore muscle massage. So check them out HERE!

[bctt tweet="Fuel your training with these MUST-HAVE items from @brittanysuell @BioSkin #fitfluential"]

So, I'm definitely on the right track to a successful race! I'm nervous, excited, have my training (kind of) under control, so here goes nothing! 

I also just recently shared MY TOP 5 SECRETS TO A SUCCESSFUL RACE, which are things that I have been implementing throughout my training, and will use during my race! 



@brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!


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I will be running the Dallas location! wahoo!

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#ShareSomethingInspiring Week 1

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am currently participating in a Twitter challenge hosted by Fit Approach & Lorna Jane Active Wear! Over a month time, they are encouraging everyone to tweet about INSPIRING things! They give specific topics each day and you tweet using hashtag #ShareSomethingInspiring! & inspiring it has been! I haven't been using Twitter as much as Facebook & Instagram, but I have really started to enjoy it again! I would love for you to follow me @NFSisters & it's not TOO late to join in on the challenge! It's fun and so encouraging!

I have been meaning to write this WEEK 1 recap for a couple of days now, but I'm glad I waited.  I want to share with you my new favorite quote that I heard last night during the Twitter Party I attended. 



I love this and will be making a sign of this to put up in my house! & this is perfect inspiration for me as I begin my journey of starting to run again! I'm starting tonight as soon as my husband gets home.  Literally starting over, probably will run/walk a mile! So this will be great motivation!

So come join me on Twitter, and be encouraged by some awesome ladies! #ShareSomethingInspiring

& you could just win some great stuff! I won $150 to Lorna Jane at the Twitter Party last night! Wahoo!

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40lbs Down, 1 Month Post Baby

Well my little man is 1 month old already, and I am slowly but surely seeing this weight drop! Actually it's going pretty fast, but that's probably because I gained 65-70lbs during this pregnancy!

That seems so crazy to me, so much weight to gain, but I am officially 40lbs down, and have about 25-30lbs more to lose! And I am quite encouraged with the fact that I haven't even started working out yet, so hopefully once I start working out then I really continue to see the results.1532130_734587969927111_1578367399037048371_n

  I have been very aware of what I am eating though, and counting calories using the app My Fitness Pal, (which is awesome by the way! It links with my FitBit so that is a lot of fun, and helpful!) Along with eating well, I have also been going on a lot of walks! Either I go in the evening with my husband, or me and my other mommy friends go together! Both is a lot of fun... I either get good time with my friends, or a nice family outing....I am actually really enjoying walking! Although I am super ready to start running.


Next wednesday will be my 6 weeks mark, so I think I will start doing some light workouts.  I plan to start with the Beach Body T25 workouts, since they are 25minutes, I thought they would be a good starting point.  Along with that I also plan on starting to run.  Slowly but surely I know, but I am excited! I am hoping to run a "Firecracker 4 Miler" on the 4th of July in my hometown.  That is my first running goal, then we will go from there.

And I couldn't give you an update on my weightless progress without showing you a little sneak peek of my adorable man on his 1 month day! Isn't he darling!! I made that bow tie for him! Actually, I am selling Father-Son bow ties in my Etsy Store, if you are interested! Perfect gift for Father's Day!


Also, I wanted to let y'all know I am doing this awesome Twitter Challenge for the next month with Lorna Jane & Fit Approach! It's called #ShareSomethingInspiring, so the entire month we are tweeting and writing about things that inspire us! Obviously the first day I talked about my sweet son, and probably will more, because you all know how important it is to both me and big sis to be healthy for our families! Our big goal is to be healthy and fit and to teach our families to be the same! Anyways, follow along on Twitter and GET INSPIRED!! #SweatPink

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GIVEAWAY for the Run or DYE 5K

Whether you are a runner naturally, enjoy doing small races, or never run at all, this GIVEAWAY is for you!!!

run or dye giveaway

I am so excited to get to partner with Run or Dye to offer up not just 1, but 5 FREE ENTRIES  into the Run or Dye 5K in my hometown, Abilene, TX!

Now....if you are reading this and thinking...I am so NOT a runner, and do not want to do a 5K....I am here to tell you that the Run or Dye 5K isn't just 3.1 miles, it's "The World's Most Colorful 5K!" Which means that it is AWESOME! and anyone can do this! Run or Dye Giveaway

The great thing about Run or Dye is that it's not a race, it's a fun, colorful 5K! Which means you can walk, jog, skip, sprint, roll, hop, gallop through the wonderful colors and you will have just as much fun as everyone else!

Run or Dye Giveaway

When I did my first Dyed run, we took my 8 month PREGO sister, my 3 year old nephew, and my 6, 7, & 11 year old nieces and nephew! I am telling you, if you can do a run with a PREGNANT woman and 4 kids, then ANYONE can do it! And you will come across the finish line smiling just as big as the person who came in first!

Run or Dye Giveaway

Run or Dye is a place where you can grab your friends, family or co-workers and go have some fun while getting some exercise! & if you are already signed up for the event (wahoo), then still try to WIN! Then you can give a FREE Entry to that friend that you have been trying to get to start exercising with you! They will have no excuse then!! It's the perfect opportunity to inspire those around you to make a change and get healthier...and what better way than an awesome run filled with COLORFUL AWESOMENESS!


All you have to do is enter to the form below! Log in through Facebook, and LIKE our pages! You can also get extra entries by TWEETING about the Giveaway and sharing it with your friends on Facebook, Pinterest, & Instagram! Just be sure to tag @NFSisters & @RunorDye

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Also, for EVERYONE, Run or Dye has offered up a $10 OFF code just for following Naturally Fit Sisters!!! So no matter what you and all your friends and family can use this to get $10 off your entry fee! WAHOO!


run or dye coupon code

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Cause I'm SASSY!

A couple of months ago we were both sent some amazing headbands and a key chain faub from Sassy Bands. If you have been following us for sometime you know that we love headbands. We have tried out a few and even sale some in our Naturally Fit Sisters shop. I can tell you that I wasn't expecting these bands to be too much different than some of the other that we have tried... but man, I LOVE them! You see, Big Sis here has this Big Ol' Round head... and it makes it hard to keep things on my head... but these stay on too! I love these because they are stylish AND fitness apparel.


Sassy Bands has such a variety of bands from size to style! It was so fun and HARD to chose which ones we wanted to try! They are constantly coming out with new ribbons that it makes you want to keep ordering more and more... this is a good thing. We both had the opportunity to review both solid, glittery, designed, and even worded items... and skinny and thick! We loved them all. The skinny ones are very stylish and can be worked to fit any outfit! We especially love wearing the glitter ones because they are just OH so cute! I, Big Sis, have to wash my hair EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING of my life or it will be oily, oily, oily. Lil Sis can go like a year without washing hers! :) With that said, the Sassy Bands are so great for me on those mornings I want to be rebellious and NOT wash my hair.

yoga 1DSC_0697







The Key Faubs are amazing. I would dare to say that I haven't lost my keys in sometime! :) I love it. Sure, I have been out of commission (running) for a few months, but my key faub is for sure encouragement to get going again!!! I have been using it since I got it a couple of months back and it is still clean... I know that Little Sis said that if she were to do it again she would get something with less white, though the orange fits her perfectly. I love mine and it has just as much white in it. So it would just be what you think is the best fit for you. I personally LOVE my key faub because it is so cute and different than what others have.

The key faubs are made very well. I have used mine faithfully, like I said, since I relieved it and it is not tearing or unravelling or anything. I have gotten many compliments about my key faub asking if I have made it. I sure wish I could take credit for it! I have had other ones but this one is made to hold up more than the others I have had. I like that they are shorter and thicker too, haha, just a personal preference.



Sassy Bands can make them in all sizes and styles... she even makes them for babies! I have been meaning to order some for my little lady, but life has been- busy! :) We tried to let her wear one, but it didn't work so well. You can see in the picture above how it is  on my head. The great thing about this band, I don't have to put bobby pins in it to hold it. The skinny ones hold better in my hair than the thicker ones... but it is quite possibly the silly round shape of my head. The bands are very comfortable (especially the one above) and I don't even notice it is there, plus it is adorable! DSC_0708DSC_0712









 Along with just how cute they are and how well they are made, I Little Sis have to say that they seriously do stay on so well.  We were at the pool for several hours the other day, and I wore one jumping in and out of the pool, playing with my nephew, throwing him around, etc. and my Sassy Band never budged! If I am not wearing a Bondi Band these days, the Sassy Band is my go to headband! Plus I just love shiny, glittery things! That is why all three of the ones I got, and my key faub are all glitter!!

Now I am so excited that Paula, the owner of Sassy Bands is so gracious to give 3 WINNERS a set of Sassy Bands! That means that three of you will get a small, medium, and large band of your choice!! Just enter for your chance to WIN below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Weight Loss Wednesday #2


Little Sis here.....back for week 2! I have really been enjoying Weightloss Wednesday and my endeavors of Eating Clean!!  You can read about that HERE.  It has made this whole process more fun, enjoyable, and really a fun challenge! Last week I weighed in at 163, and just days before that I was weighing in at 165! UGH!! And today I was proud to see the scales down to 160.5! I'm so ready to be in the 150's! Anyways, though, I did well this week, definitely not perfect, but still making solid changes to my eating habits & lifestyle!


It has been fun for me to discover new ways to eat healthy! I went to a Gluten FREE cooking class, not because I want to be Gluten Free, but just to learn healthier ways to cook.  It was fun with my girlfriends (post coming later), and it was very insightful! Along with this, I have been researching and having many conversations on how to eat better.

A few changes I have made so far include using honey to sweeten things, like my COFFEE! Big Deal for me, and I don't taste a difference at all.  (Plus I got the honey from the Farmer's Market).  And also having fun creating new healthy, all-natural snacks for myself! One I shared was the Strawberry-Lemon Protein Pops! Those are fun and so yummy! Next week I'll share about our homemade fruit rollups!  I started juicing this week.  Just started, only have done 3 glasses, and am really enjoying it so far!

Along with these things, I have also been adding protein to a lot  of my foods, (like my juices, or homemade snacks that I make), and I started this whole thing off with a supplement cleanse which ended today.  It did not necessarily affect my eating too much since I was already making changes! I can share more about that if you want later!

There has also been one other thing that has been a HUGE help in rebutting Weightloss Wednesday! Big Sis is going to share more about that! But I LOVE IT AND AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THE FUTURE OF IT!

Be sure to follow along by searching #theSuellsEatClean

little signautres

Big Sis here.. This has been a great week! I didn't eat perfect at all and honestly just started working out again yesterday. I set a goal for myself to work out at least 30 minutes this week M-F. Monday and Tuesday are complete! Today I got the all clear at my 6 weeks, postpartum appointment so I am more than ready to get my hiney into running again!! I was so excited to step on the scale and see 191.0!! I was 196.1 last week! So exciting!


The biggest thing that has happened this week is that we have launched our Weight Loss Wednesday Team! We have a group of 15 girls who have come together and joined together in a private forum setting and we are sharing it all. It has really taken off this week and it is so exciting to have that encouragement. Some have shared pictures, weights, goals, etc. It has been a very active group so far and we are so excited for everyone that has been involved. We hope in a both six months to launch another WLW Team! We are so excited to see the changes that are going to come from our team!! We asked our members what there goals are in being part of the team and these are some things that we heard:

" "Friendly accountability" that one thing that is great about this group. We help each other by knowing we are accountable every week to each other. We will all be each others cheerleader or a shoulder when we need it. We're all in this together and as females young & uh~um not so young we all know how each other is feeling! Thanks girls!!" -Kendra

"I needed someone to hold me accountable! All day today I thought... well I could eat that but then I would have to explain to the ladies what happened. So I didn't  where as last week I probably would have. That's so awesome! I'm glad I have this support to get me through. "support group" or "support of the group" lol" -Katie

We are so excited to share with you each week as we progress comments, guest blogs, weight loss struggles, adventures, recipes, etc. from our group! We hope that you will enjoy watching us from the outside as much as we love being together on the inside!

Don't forget to follow my family as we begin our Clean Eating Journey... we won't really get started too much until we get settled in Florida. This is the last post to you from MY living in Texas! :(

You can follow us by searching #TheShawsEatClean


See how far we have come:

WLW #1

Under Armour "What's Beautiful" Challenge

under armour what's beautiful challenge

I recently started the Under Armour "What's Beautiful" Challenge! I am so excited to be a part of something so fun, challenging, and encouraging!

Here's how it works: Under Armour is basically challenging female athletes to set goals, and accomplish those goals! The What's Beautiful website is a place for women to interact with one another and record their journey as they overcome obstacles!!

The goal that I have created for myself is to be able to do a handstand without using the wall! If you have been following me on the blog or via instagram you know that for the past few months I have been challenging myself with lot's of yoga and handstands! I have definitely seen growth, but I want to DO MORE!

Here's a small portion of the some of the challenges I have accomplished!

under armour what's beautiful challenge

Last night I hit a major milestone! Although it was only a headstand, I still was brave enough and able to hold my headstand with no wall in sight!


I was so proud of this!! A storm was rolling in and the sky was beautiful!!

Come check out my Under Armour "What's Beautiful" Challenge profile and cheer me on! You might even decide to create your own goal!!

Also follow me on Instagram! I'd love to follow you back and inspire one another!


i run little sis

Why do you run!?!?

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Recap of the week! #AprilFitChallenge

As many of you know, I launched the #AprilFitChallenge, where I challenged myself and anyone who wants to join to get into gear with a weekly training plan I have put together! Basically, anyone could join and each week I send out a new training plan, lot's of encouragement, and a smoothie recipe via email! It's been great, and I been posting plenty of pictures to the challenge album on our facebook page of me doing different moves for each day.  

I just wanted to give a little recap as the week comes to a close!


The #AprilFitChallenge really has been challenging for me! I have enjoyed so much the accountability that it brings! For example, last night I had the opportunity to hang out with my friends or go to the gym, and I chose the gym because I knew I had others counting on me to complete that days challenge! I was so thankful in the end, and proud of myself for the decision I made.

And, I have definitely been sore all week! Which I LOVE! I love feeling that I have worked hard! Plus knowing that I have a planned workout really motivates me to make healthy choices throughout the day! On the food I eat, and to drink more water! When you know you have a plan to workout at a specific time with a specific program, you are more aware of the health choices that you make, and I need that.  Sometimes I find myself eating something then when I'm done I realize I didn't even think about it, just did it! (#badchoice)


So anyways, it has been a great I am about to jump in the car with Big Sis to head to Dallas to meet our mom and friends to run the Dallas Color Run tomorrow morning! I am so excited!

day 5 pullups

Here's a post of pullups which is in todays challenge! I love this photo because you can see my muscles, and I'm looking forward to comparing these photos in several weeks to see the changes that have occurred!!

Good Luck if you are doing the challenge and remember to TAG US in your updates!

April Fit Challenge TAGS

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Run Disney Expo

Today we are starting out by telling you about the Run Disney Princess Half Marathon Expo!

Don't worry though, in the days to come we will each be sharing our own experience with the Disney Princess Half Marathon! Plus we will have a guest post from our mom, sharing about her first ever half marathon!


First off, the Expo overall was pretty cool! You go there and get all your necessities for the race: check-in, get your bib, pick up your running pack which includes your shirt (which was great by the way!), race day instructions, some other freebies, and the bag that you use to check-in on race day if you have stuff with you. So in that way, it was pretty functional.


Then along with that, there are some awesome companies there! Some I have heard of and some I had not.  I mean honestly, you could've taken nothing to Florida with you and gotten everything you need for the race.  All necessities, from your socks & shoes, to your head bands, and you had multiple options!


One really awesome and new product that we saw was called the Handana! This was one of the products that I was most impressed with. It's a different style of a sweatband that a lady created! I think I enjoyed this because it is such an easy and unique invention and I would love to create something great like this as a Naturally Fit Sisters product! Anyways, I am definitely going to contact her and see about doing a review and giveaway for the blog ;-)


Then of course they had the Run Disney/New Balance shoes! These are the women's, Minnie Mouse shoes! So many people were at the New Balance booth trying them on! It was great, and if I needed shoes I may have bought some myself.  They are super cute, plus they are Run Disney shoes!


Of course the Expo had some pretty cool stuff going on as well.  If we didn't have Disney Parks to go to, it would have been fun to spend more of our day there.  They had speakers like Jeff Galloway, (see below)....the Run Disney Training Coach speaking and giving tips.  Also Ali Vincent, the first female winner of biggest loser spoke! It would have been great to sit and listen to all of their good tips, but we had Magic Kingdom on the agenda for the day.  Maybe is I was able to continue doing Disney races, and went there a lot, then I would stay to listen to the speakers instead of going to the park!


Along with all this, there were other frustrating things that Big Sis highlights below, like the line to get our goodie bag, and the line to the Run Disney store.  I was really sad because I wanted a Disney Princess Half coffee cup so bad! And the line was TOO long, and like I said we were heading to Magic Kingdom that I didn't wait in line.  Anyways, there were some very annoying things about the expo, but Big Sis highlights those below.  And just for the record, although overall I enjoyed the expo, I was just as annoyed with a few of those things as Big Sis.   IMG_9292

little signautres

Expo Fun Chaos from Big Sis

Disclaimer: Let's just be clear that my post won't be near as exciting as Little Sis'... Please keep in mind I have just finished 7 full months of pregnancy AND had a very excited 3 year old with me. 

I was really excited to go to the EXPO. The last EXPO I remember attending was during my first 1/2 at the Little Rock, Arkansas Rock and Roll in 2008. Little Sis had me pretty excited to check this one out and I was ready to get our bib and goodies. We loaded up after breakfast and headed to the EXPO with three kids and five adults. When we got there it had only just opened and there was SUCH a long line outside. I was thinking "OH MY GOSH!!!!" But I was so glad to see that the line went rather quickly to get inside the building.


We had the chance to get a picture at the start or go get our race essentials..... we decided to go get our bib! I really liked the set up of the bib pick up. By looking on the waiver that you had to have you were able to line up in the correct line- according to your bib. I was really glad to see that they had them separated very well... and I only had to stand behind 5 people. All it took was a little snack of goldfish and my boy was content. I waited less than 10 minutes and was able to pick up my bib... and they informed me we would need to go to the other side of the building to get our goody bag.....

So I met back up with mom and sis and our two friends... and we decided to venture out. It only took about 5 minutes looking around when we decided to split with our friends and meet back up at a later time. We had decided that we would walk up and down the aisles and see what there was until we made our way to the other side for our goody bag. I was NOT as excited about any of this as my mom and sister, I can't lie. BUT again, I am so very pregnant AND my toddler doesn't like being confined in his stroller... so that plus all the people = MAD HOUSE TO ME. If you wonder why there are so few pictures of me, if you follow on FB, it is because I constantly got out of it... :) While making it down the first aisle we saw some great vendors- some of which we know and some we don't, as Little Sis stated. We got to the Chaquita Banana Stand where we could do a game and I let my little one play too... he enjoyed that and he won a prize!! :) As we turned the corner I thought someone had something from their goody bag that they were using at a vendor booth, so I suggested we go ahead and get our goody bags and then continue going down the aisle.....


There were SO many people and it was so unorganized that it actually saddened me. NOT the amount of people so much as the un-organization. Mom and Sister went and stood in line to get their goody bags. You stood in line with your size shirt you ordered... I had given mine to mom and I stood off to the side with my son. Mind you at this time he has HAD ENOUGH. He wanted out and wanted to play. There were so many people there. I can't even begin to pretend like I know how long we stood there and all of that, but it was a long time. I heard so many people complaining and I won't lie again- that it put a pretty bad taste in my mouth about what was to come. I have read and heard so many great things about this race.. that to see the chaos just scared me on how the rest would be. Maybe if I had not been able to experience another expo before this one, I would not have had expectations. I wish they had had it organized like bib pick up, perhaps it would not have been so chaotic?


I was so sad that the RunDisney Store had a mile long line. There was NO way I was going to wait in that line with my son. Perhaps if I was just with mom and sister... but I wasn't.. and would not even attempt that. I was ALREADY so stressed out. It was certainly NOT kid friendly... though I did see a family there with triplets- more power to them! I really wanted a nice RunDisney shirt or a I Did It shirt, but I refused to stand in that line!! I did not want anything THAT BAD! :)

After moma and sister so GRACIOUSLY stood in line for their stuff AND MINE, it was time to continue on. By this time, I was SO over it! SOOOO over it! :) I hate my pregnant attitude when I am over something! Sister and Mom were SO excited to look around, I sure hated taking their joy. But we did manage to look around and enjoy it... :) I enjoyed seeing/hearing Jeff Galloway and Ali Vincent... but when it was time to go- there was NOTHING sad to me.

As far as the goody bag we got a pink mesh bag, an awesome purple race shirt, a tattoo, a Princess pin, and a bar or two. It wasn't a bad goody bag... but for the price we paid for the race, I would have thought there would be more in there! But I do love the shirt and can't wait until I am not SO pregnant and can wear it and feel okay in it. I still wore it, but can't wait until it fits me better for sure!


All Packed and Ready to Go!

Just a quick update for everyone!! I, Little Sis am all packed and ready to go to Florida!!

We have been prepping for this weekend since way back in September, and Big Sis has been planning even before that!

Now that the time is here, I am ready to meet my sis and mom, and ready to Run Disney! #RunDisney #PrincessHalf

I want so badly to update you all throughout the weekend and will surely try, but if I can't post here, be sure to follow all of our social media links!!

You can find those here:


Anyways, I will definitely be tweeting, Instagraming, and posting on Facebook all weekend!

Also, I may even try using the new app VINE some too! If you don't know about that, it is a new app put out by Twitter.  It is similar to Instagram, but instead of photos, you upload short videos.  Anyways, I may being giving that a whirl this weekend as well, I'm sure there will be plenty video worthy moments!! So download the APP and follow us @Naturally Sisters!

Here's what the app looks like!


Can't wait to share all the fun of this weekend with you all!!

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Training Plan


Most of you may know that we sisters are currently training for the Disney Princess Half Marathon!

I am really excited for this half because it will be a special one! My mom, Big Sister, & I will all be doing it together!!

When we first decided to do this run back in August or September 2012 my sister and I discussed how we wanted to run the whole thing and not stop for photos.  Then when my sister found out she was prego we changed our minds :-) So in case you don't know, throughout the entire run there are Disney characters that you can stop and take photos with.  I cannot wait to get photos wearing my tutu with some of the beautiful Disney Princesses!

Anyways, then a few months after that we decided that we would sign my mom up for the 1/2 with us as a surprise birthday/Christmas gift! This was a big deal for her since she had only started running for the first time in the summer.  At that point she had done about four 5K's.

Once we were all signed up, and the time was getting closer we had to create a real training plan.  And since it was my mom's first half, and my sister would be almost 7 months pregnant, we had to be smart about what we were doing.  So I got some tips from a running coach and made a plan where we would do run/walk intervals.

The training plan I made is below.  We talked about upping our intervals as we went, but instead we decided to stick with just a 4/1 ratio.  We run 4 min then walk 1 min and so on.

So far training this way has been amazing! Plus having this plan really helps me stay disciplined.

disney half training

I chose to do a plan where I run up to 12 miles then decrease until the race.  I did this because after my first half where I only ran up to 10 miles before, I wish I would've run more.  The last 2.5 miles of my half were the hardest and I felt like if I had run further then mentally I would have been more prepared.  This is my tip to so many 1st time 1/2 marathoners...pick a training plan that gets you to run at least 11 or 12 miles.  So this time I feel really good about the half.  Plus with the run/walk interval I feel like I could keep going and going.

If you are looking to increase your PR (=Personal Record) when you are running a race, I really do feel like this is helpful.  I spoke with someone who has used interval running for all of her halves and her time has gotten better every race.  For me as well, the 2nd time I ran 13.1 miles my time was better by about 7min.  So this is really helpful.  Or if it is your first half like my mom, then using this interval run would help you build up to running it without stopping if that is your goal.

We are so excited for our half and it will be here so soon! Be sure to stay tuned over the next few weeks to see things like our race outfit (tutu), our race must haves, pre-race rituals, plus all of the fun Disney posts and photos once we get there and post race weekend fun!!


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I found myself lost in thought this morning about how I would like to pursue running longer runs more frequently.

Then I found myself wondering...when in the heck do I have time to do that.

In my half marathon training I save my long runs for Sundays because I have the most time on Sundays.  Those runs can take up to 1-2 hours depending on the distance, and if I was to ever train for a full marathon, it would be well over 2 hours, getting closer to 3hours forlong runs.  Plus with marathon training, long runs would be more frequently.

I thought about how I may never have time for this, then today I ran across this little piece of encouragement.


This really puts things into perspective for me! 

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